Fashion Novathe scrupulous business and nasty service

I find that fashion nova (fn) has very scrupulous business practices. I will no longer purchase from fn as I find this business to be engaging in theft. I made order #[protected] on november 28, 2018, because of the two-day shipping option. Your note advised that it would take 5-7 business day to prepare the order and offered 2 days shipping. The total time it should have taken for me to receive this order was 9 business days at most. It is now december 12th and this order still have not reached me nor do I desire it. Fn sent an email titled holiday customer care delay on december 4, 2018. Your holiday customer care delay email included the below paragraph "I would like to cancel my order, what can it do? If you haven't received your order yet and you would prefer not to wait any longer, please use the following link to request that your order be canceled. Please note that our items sell out very quickly. If you cancel your order, it is a possibility that your items may not be available when you attempt to repurchase at a later time." this email gave an option to cancel the unfulfilled order. I sent four (4) emails to fn requesting to cancel order # [protected] and requested that I be refunded my money to the original payment method. You then today sent an email that you have shipped this order which you now expect me to pay for its return after I requested that it be canceled. To add insult to in injury you respond today by stating that you cannot accommodate my request. This is my final request to fn for my money to be refunded back to the original payment method or I will proceed with further actions such as informing the ftc about your business practices and examine what my legal options are as well as posting this email and fn's response to every social media site.

You, fn may not care that your actions are egregious and unfair to middle class working individual but I am sure people on social media will agree with me on how nasty your services are.

I once again and for the last time ask for my money to be refunded to my original payment method for order [protected].

Dec 12, 2018

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