Family Dollar Stores / the stores manager/employee

ive gone to that store everyday for 7 years and about 2 months ago I went in and was stopped and told I wasn't allowed in there when I asked why they couldn't give me a answer so I went back next day hoping to speak with the manager and I asked a employee why I wasn't allowed to be in there she told me she thought I looked like someone on camera that had been stealing from the store so I asked to see the footage for proof since they didn't know for sure if it was me and they told me no .. so now 3 months later I went back in the store and the new manager that was once the employee that told me she was told it was me and would not allow me in there ive shopped in that store everyday for 7 years and have never been accused of stealing and talked to to rudely I want them to show me proof that it was me since they didn't seem sure anyways

Nov 25, 2017

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