Family Dollar Stores / store’s security person

I visited the family dollar store on Thursday August 1, 2018. The store security person followed me around the store. Unbeknown to me that it was security. At times she blocked my path. As I headed for check out she was again in my path. I was not feeling well so I laughed at her hostile additude. She called me nuts. I remembered another item that I had to get and I, ignoring her, headed for the section that housed clothing. Again she crossed my path. Again she called me nuts. I became afraid when she said "you still have to leave the store and I will kick your ass outside".i was glad I had my phone as I contemplated calling the police. I approached the counter and she, for the third time, called me nuts. I asked the cashier for the manager and was told the manager came in early morning and I would need to come back. I asked her if I could leave a message for the manager. She told me that she could not give me the managers cell number. Off handedly she said that the assistant manager was in. I asked to speak to this person. By this time the security person was blocking the entrance door. I advised the assistant manager that I wanted to file a complaint and that I was considering calling the police. The assistant manager asked me who I wanted to file a complaint against and I pointed to this girl who was half in and half out the door on her cell phone. I motioned that I wanted to file a complaint against this person. She told me that she would inform the manager. I told her that it was wrong that I had been harassed by this person and that I seriously felt threatened and wanted to call the police. The girl then stepped away from the door and started to the back of the store. She said, loudly, "I was just doing my job". This is the first time I have ever experienced anything so frightening in my life.

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    I contacted corporate and left a detailed description about this incident. No one has called me to date.

Aug 04, 2018

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