Family Dollar Storesstore manager

Huntington Indiana store really needs their store manager to get it together. I have a family member that works there that closed the store 3x in a week by her self because the store manager was unable to come to work due to personal issues. Customers have relayed to employees she is on drugs and has been seen taking stuff out of the back of the store and when they would go back and look the seal would be removed from the door.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Huntington, IN Also one time the store had to be closed temporarily because she couldn't come in due to being at a doctor appointment on a Sunday????? There is always one employee working and customers are complaining standing in line for 15-20 min just to check out which is not the employees that work there faults, where is the store manager not at work always dealing with personal issues. My family member Has to listen to customer complaints about long wait times in line and also about the rudeness of the store manager even once hearing about a customer telling her she had a potty mouth. Was Also told that she never clocks in and out and then puts her time in on the computer for hours she was not there at work isn't that theft. Customers always ask my family member if she even works there anymore. Something needs done about her she is definitely NOT store manager material

Dec 04, 2018

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