Family Dollar Stores / rewards! you get nothing!

Goodlettsville, TN, United States

I previously went in family dollar in Goodlettsville Tennessee every time I go in the store I never get my $5 off of a purchase of 25 or $35 or more I spend my hard-earned money and I get nothing back from shopping there the cashier waits till you ring up everything she puts it in all of my coupons and some coupons that I clipped won't clip so then I don't get the savings they tell me after the fact that I won't be getting $5 off of anything and any coupons that I clip I won't be getting the discount for that either I am very appalled because I know how much money I have to spend and I try to stick to my budget and this makes it impossible to stick to my budget I'm highly upset and I know it's not the employee's fault but they could post a note or something before purchasing the merchandise I feel like that this is a scam that Family Dollar is running so they can get people to participate and then not give them any savings at all on May 7th Family Dollar sent me a birthday $5 off and I couldn't even use it on my purchase this happens every time and I have been in there several times over the past three months and I have never gotten my $5 off I am so angry about it that I don't think I'm going to continue shopping there I have been shopping there for years I love Family Dollar and I will go out of my way to go to the closest one but instead of me getting what I deserve for being a loyal customer I get nothing back in return

Jun 27, 2017

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