Family Dollar Storescashier

Went to Family Dollar yesterday to buy a pair of shoes a certain pair of shoes size 13 for my 6 year old granddaughter along with those shoes I bought another $64 worth of stuff in your store when I got home the shoes were not in my bag but they were running up on the receipt I went back to the store with my receipt the Wintersville store Wintersville Ohio 43953 the cashiers name was Phyllis she called me a liar said I went home and took the shoes out of my bag and came back for more a I didn't spend $64 in your store to be stealing from you be the rudeness of her calling me a thief and a liar is uncalled for I paid again for the same pair of shoes which by the way your store only had one pair of size 13 and those were the ones that they didn't put in my bag the first time I spend over $300 a week in your store I don't have to I just like some of the items in there I make more in a week than that b**** in a month she got very rude with me told her I'm calling corporate because this is not right she said go ahead my name is Phyllis well you better do something with Phyllis because she's downright rude now I have the same pair of shoes and had to pay for them twice if this problem isn't resolved you'll never see me back in that store and maybe you just don't care but I don't either at this point she shouldn't be there she is not a customer friendly person

Jun 04, 2018

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