Family Dollar Store #2954 / cigarette showcase doors

Ruidoso, NM, United States

As I was counting cigarette total at end of shift, I placed cigarette case doors on floor. after count was finished, I picked up doors to put them back on the runner. As I was placing doors onto runner, both doors slipped and landed on both of my feet. The doors are not properly installed in the showcase. I am now being seen on a workers comp case, with possible fracture to my feet, and time off work . I have asked numerous times to my store manager as well as the district manager. to no avail, I have been told that the company will not get this issue fixed. It will, again in the future, I'm sure, happen to someone else with a possible lawsuit, if not fixed. Question: How do I(assistant manager), or the manager get this problem resolved?

May 2, 2017

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