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I purchased a Bluetooth headset in March 2018 and returned with the receipt because it did not work. The store manager Yasledy at store 04985, suggest I buy a different one for $10.00 more. I purchased a Bluetooth headphone set on 4-20-18, one of the retractable ear pieces jammed. I took it back to the store on 5-31-18, and the manager stated I had it for two months and I can't exchange. My receipt purchase date was 4-20-18, I explained to the manager Yasledy at store 04985, I only had the Bluetooth headset for forty-one days. The store manager at Yasledy at 04985, stated the policy is only Family Dollar items can be exchanged after 30 days and I have to contact the vendor. I explained to the store manager Yasledy the electronic policy states opened merchandise with the original receipt may exchange for the same item. I expressed as the customer my intention is not to purchase an electronic device that operates for thirty days only. I explained to the Manager Yasledy no one buys an electronic device with the intention of replacing it in thirty days due to a defect. Unfortunately, Yasledy, the manager did not understand me attributed to a language, barrier.
Yasledy, is a nice person and she does speak some English but not enough to communicate as manager on a customer service level with a customer who only speaks English. Evident by ticket #6374464, the Family Dollar corporate department tired to explain to Yasledy, Manager t 04985, to exchange the Bluetooth headset with my receipt. Due to Yasledy, the manager at 04985 limited English the Corporate Family Dollar representative Ivan had to request for a Spanish speaking colleague to interpret for the Manager Yasledy at 04985 to understand and comply.
I am a constituent in Miami Beach, FL a regular consumer at this site for the past six years. Unfortunately, their has been only two employees whom could communicate in English effectively. One was a bilingual Panamanian no longer employed and Danny a Caucasian male currently employed. These two males are Assistant Managers with excellent customer service skills. There have been managers at this site and unfortunately, a pattern only Spanish speaking. The cashier and stock staff don't speak and are comfortable expressing they don't speak English and dismissing the customers who don't speak Spanish.
A few months back the District Manager was in the store completing the inventory, and I approached a stock person, inquired about a product, he told me he did not speak English and walked away. I was appalled and went to find a manager. The District Manager approach and requested to assist with no Company ID or badge and never identified who she was or title. I asked her if she worked for Family Dollar three times before she disclosed she was the Family Dollar District Manager and never produced any company ID. The district manager she the male did not work in this store as a solution to his behavior.
Today, June 1, 2018, while on the phone with the corporate office the store phone was out of order. When I approached the cashier to inquire, she gave me a blank stare because she did not understand my question to her. "Did the store phone ring and is the store telephone working?". The corporate office then tried to reach the store Manager Yasledy at 04985, on her cell phone and she disappeared and stated she did not get a call from them. I then put my phone on speaker for the Family Dollar corporate representative to make sure they had her correct number and Yasledy the Manager 04985, took the call.
Yasledy, the manager at 04985, suggested I not exchange the Bluetooth headset since there was only one left and open. She took my receipt and gave me a gift card and stated for me to go to another Family Dollar and purchase an un-open Bluetooth headset. I told her I could wait until they came in and Yasledy the store manager suggested I not buy the next Bluetooth headset from her store.
Unfortunately, the hold process took two days, on hold on the phone for three hours and one hour in the store to rectify this matter. All attributed to a Store Manager language barrier. The district manager was not available and did not answer their phone.
Lastly, the store manager Yasledy, requested my driver's license to complete the refund, Yasledy the store manager took out her cell phone to take a picture of my driver license. I told her I was uncomfortable with her having my driver license photo on her cell phone. Yasledy then took my driver license and made a photocopy.
My cell phone number is [protected]. My name is Christina Bannister. Thank you for your assistance in addressing this matter.

Jun 01, 2018

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