Facebookvideo posted from my daughter that "ran away".

Good day.

I don't use facebook for a prolonged time now due to people making life difficult for our family...
My Daughter or some other person posted a video of her that is embarrassing us as parent.
It was reported that our daughter was missing, but is actually with a boyfriend.
We did best we could as parents, and people are bombarding us with social media issues. Some good other not so, I know some people were just trying to help, but it is now getting out of control and having a huge emotional impact on me and my wife.
She is Elani Stevens from South Africa, Secunda-town.

If possible, please remove this video.? She put her phone off and does not want to talk to us. I could only post the picture of the video from whatsup, the company does allow data larger than 5mb.

Jannie Stevens.
Tel +[protected]
Mobile +[protected]
E-mail jannie.[protected]


Dec 08, 2018

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