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For a few years now I havent been able to use my debit card to purchase credits on any of the games on Facebook. I have asked continuosly why i have been d enied this but i am always ignored, i have mental health problems and a lot of other health problems which has rendered me virtually housebound, i so play games alot, but being able to use think my card is holding me back. It is also frustrating not being given a reason as to why i am barred from using my card as i can use it anywhere else, i also didnt think FB was like this, pleease reply, RD.Mills

Mar 16, 2018
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  •   Mar 16, 2018

    Hi, Ray. I'd first like to let you know that I hold no association with Facebook. However, in an attempt to offer you some help, I'd like to offer you some potentially useful information. The majority of online purchasing of electronic credits or currencies for an online game tends to be an exploited form of theft when someones card credentials are obtained. If you've tried using your card for multiple types of games and all have been declined, it is likely that the company your card is provided by is declining the transaction. A lot of credit card companies and banks do now allow online purchased of game "tokens". I know offhand that Discover usually does not allow such purchases. You should either try a different payment method or contact your card provider to inquire if they do not permit online purchases of game currencies, or if there is a 2nd form of verification required for the purchase. Since you didn't provide any more information in your complaint, this is the extent of help I can offer at the moment. Good luck with your games and I hope your mental health problems become easier to cope with.

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