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I have been a huge supporter of Facebook. I was even one of the few people in the world who would have gladly paid a small monthly fee in order to use Facebook as I have gotten back in touch with friends I have not seen in years, met family members I never even knew I had, made some excellent military contacts (as I am an active reservist in the US Army). However, several weeks ago my account was flagged and I was suspended from adding anymore friends when I was adding friends from my graduating class - people that I went to high school with. I have gotten multiple warnings over the last few weeks that I was behaving in a way that Facebook considered annoying - JUST BECAUSE I AM AN ACTIVE AND AVID FACEBOOK ENTHUSIAST!!! Tonight, I was on Millionaire City Forum and was adding friends WHO WANTED TO BE ADDED PUTTING "PLEASE ADD ME" ON THEIR MESSAGE so that I could build my city - the same goal they all had or they would not have requested to be added as friends in the first place. After adding approximately 10 other Millionaire City players ALSO LOOKING FOR MILLIONAIRE CITY FRIENDS, I received a message that my ability to send or receive messages was suspended due to repeated abuse!!! I understand that Facebook is responsible for deterring spam activities. However, I HAVE IN NO WAY EVER PARTICIPATED IN PASSING ON SPAM OR DONE ANYTHING THAT WOULD BE CONSIDERED ANNOYING TO ANY OF MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS OR POTENTIAL FRIENDS!!! It is also even more frustrating that with over 300 people in my graduating class, I can send friend requests to only a couple a week for fear of my Facebook account being deleted. It is also completely unacceptable that a business such as Facebook whose business is "people" has absolutely no customer service in place to help the people who use their business (and used to love it and not just tolerate it because of the benefits of staying in contact with friends and family and fellow application users) when their own business does not do right by their own customers. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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  • Ka
      Mar 31, 2011

    Facebook customer service does not exist - Sorry to hear about your
    problem and frustration, feel free to post on the lawsuit blog -
    Young v. Facebook, Inc.
    Currently pending in Santa Clara County, California
    Blog information at -
    Post your comments or write to [protected]
    Class action status consideration
    Share your Facebook account problems

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  • Ka
      Jan 08, 2013

    I send friend requests to PEOPLE I know. Facebook has become a pain in the ###!!! How am I supposed to connect with friends that I DO KNOW and Facebook says that I do NOT know them????? That's a god damned crock of ###!!! What the hell Facebook???? I'm looking for 2 friends and trying to contact my niece so wtf is wrong with Facebook?!?!???? I'm sick and tired of being "banned" for 30 -60 days at a time for sending a ###ing friend request to a person that I DO KNOW!!! God damn it Facebook get your ###ing ### together!!! You have made it to where i can't message my own friends to get a friend request and that bites ###!!! If FaceBook blocks or banns again there will be a lawsuit with you ###s!!! Get a ###ing life facebook ###!!!

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  • Ka
      Jan 08, 2013

    The banning is not right when trying to get in touch with friends I KNOW!!! I am so pissed off at Facebook. I have lots and lots of family and friends and friends from High school I'm looking for, Your dumb ### say I don't know them.

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  •   Jan 08, 2013

    ^ You're going to sue a website that provides a free service and reserves the right to run its website as it sees fit. Uh huh. Good luck with that.

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  • Sh
      Mar 04, 2014

    I have had the same experience and am insulted and annoyed... I tried to add people I most certainly knew AND FOR WHATEVER reason facebook banned me from adding...THOSE I ALREADY KNEW.
    There are those who, for whatever reason, may claim not to know me...FINE...let them ignore or reject my request.
    I am 61 years old and some of these people I sent requests to may not remember me, or for whatever reason;PERHAPS A RELIGEOUS OR OTHER VIEW I HAVE STATED, have made a comment.
    Good grief...this is a ridiculous use of power.
    The easiest method of bypassing fools is to not use this service...BYE BYE FACEBOOK

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  • An
      Oct 02, 2015

    The following is an email I sent FB . . . doubt they have even read it (BTW, FB email [protected]

    Thankfully, my son sent you an email and you responded so I actually have an email address for you. Since Monday evening, I have been unable to even get on my FB's login page. All I get is a white screen . . . nothing else.

    I have cleared cookies, cache, etc. and nothing appears to work. I've also been in a forum where (at this time) approximately 5000+ people are running into the same thing. Yesterday, because my husband doesn't logout of FB, he was able to get on. So I logged out of his, logged onto mine and BAM . . . white screen. And now, on his computer, he gets nothing but the white screen.

    I have run my virus scanner, etc. Please tell me there is something I can do.

    FB User name is: [protected] (**** **** ******)
    Password: ********** (I was actually able to change this - don't ask me how - one of the hoops I jumped through - and then it gave me "we're working on this, check back again:

    Please help., I have a business page on my FB, and I have clients contact me through there . . . needless to say, I'm in a quandary.

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