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Enterprise Rental Car / what a scam!

1 Honesdale, PA, United States Review updated:

Be very wary of enterprise rental car!!! Very wary!!!

I needed a car while mine as in the shop. I rented the vehicle on a friday and returned it on a monday. When I went to pick up the car the manager took the vehicle to the back and "washed" it. She brought it back out to me and then proceeded arong the car with me pinting out that there ws a scratch on the mirror. "okay, I see it." the car was still soaking wet I couldn't see much and for the most part it still had dirt on it. Would have been difficult to see anything. But she breezed around the car in 5 seconds with me following her.

Upon returning the vehicle another gentlemen, I use the word loosely, checked the vehicle in. All of a sudden, he is opening the trunk and crawling on the ground checking every inch of the car. He went so far a to start brushing off the car with his arm checking for damage.

After his more then thorough inspection he proceeds to inform me I damaged the car. It appeared as if the car had been brushed up against in a parking lot. Not even a dent, just a scratch mark on the front bumper near the light. Impossible! I drove the car to my business where I have my own parking spot away from all other vehicles, so no one could have brushed it there. Then the car proceeded to be parked at my home in a one car driveway for the rest of the weekend until I drove it 5 miles back to them order for this car to have been hit in my driveway someone would have had to drive thru 3 backyards and my pool to brush against, not dent it, and drive back out the same way with out me noticing and my pool staying in tact. Totally rediculous.
After much arguing I left. I just recieved a bill from enterprise for $354 for the damage. What!?!?! First of all for something I didn't and couldn't have done, and second of all you have to be kidding me $354 to fix some paint on a 6 inch scratch.

This is a huge scam and I have spoken to others who have had this location try to do the same to them. Checkout is a breeze and the car is always brought out wet for you to look at it, check in they go over it with a fine tooth comb. They are doing this to make extra money, I am sure the car won't be fixed as the damage that was already on the mirror when I received the car had been there, they knew about it, I am sure someone was charged for it, and it as still there unfixed. Hmmm, whose pocket is the money going into?

Be careful when renting from enterprise and chckthe vehicle thoroughly, bring a towel to wipe it down, and make sure you crawl around the car looking for everything! Because they won't, but they will when you bring the car back!

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  • Kr
      30th of Sep, 2008

    I've had horrible service with Enterprise as well. My car was in the shop and my insurance was paying for a certain amount towards a rental car. Well that amount only really covered their tiny, compact cars...but they didn't have any at Enterprise. So..they gave me a huge v6 car for the price of a compact...but didn't mention that they would start charging me for the HUGE car in two days. So I took the car back after two days because I had filled it up TWICE since then. TWICE IN TWO DAYS. That is a whole tank of gas a day! I told them I wanted the compact car i requested and they told me that one had just come in. Yay! But it wasn't clean. I told them that's okay, I just wanted a four cylinder vehicle as I drive all over town daily.

    The guy (kid) who went to retrieve the vehicle came in and threw the keys at the girl at the counter and said "haha! no good on that one!" and ran around the counter...Apparently the power steering was ruined on the car. So I had to keep the huge car for another few the end of the rental they asked me how everything went and I said horrible. The lady was really rude and said "HOW SO?!" and I told her about paying extra for a car I didn't want, and the $100 in gas in 3 days. And that I requested a 4 cylinder. At this point some OTHER guy jumps in and says "THAT CAR IS A 4 CYLINDER." And I said "No, the car is called a G6, because it is a V6." After arguing with him about it for 10 minutes I walk outside and look at the back of the car where it says "V6".

    I never got my deposit of $50 back and I didn't even bother calling. Worst experience of my life!!

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  • Be
      11th of Dec, 2010

    WOW! They did the exact same thing to me three years ago!!!

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