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Enterprise Car Rental / assessing charges without authority!

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On Jan 7, 2008, at the suggestion of my insurance company (Geico) I rented a car from Enterprise car rental. I was told I could leave the car at the new car dealership when I took possession of my new car.

On Jan 15, 2008 the dealership (Scion-Marin) notified Enterprise that the car was available for pickup. The car was not picked up until the afternoon of the 17th. On the 18th of January, Enterprise removed $300.00 from my checking account without my OK or any notification, either phone, snail mail or email. I was not aware of this until Jan. 19th. Enterprise is Closed on Saturday and Sunday. There fore I was unable to contact them until Jan 21st. The Manager, Chris, informed me this was normal practice as they were unable to contact me or Geico. Further he indicated when he was notified by Geico that they would cover any additional charges, he would reverse the charges of Jan 18 and the original $100.00 deposit made on the 7th of Jan. This step was taken on January 21st. Because of the Martin Luther King Holiday, Jan 21, my bank has not received the reversal as of Jan 22nd.

I have been without funds from Jan. 18 through Jan. 22nd, so far. No Company should have the right to deduct funds from checking accounts, savings accounts or Credit cards without prior approval.

To say the least, I am very upset and will never deal with enterprise again or recommend them.

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  • Em
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    Had a terrible experience with Enterprise as well. In fact, I am currently being harrased by their claim's representative. I as well dropped off my rental vehicle with an auto-body and was told that Enterprise would pick it up. Later that evening, I received a phonecall stating that there were two new scratches on the car and the person was asking how I intend to pay for them. They have since turned over the 'claim" to their claims representative and I am currently dealing with some dip-stick from the office harrasing me. He has sent me an estimate for $ 450. I have contacted a lawyer and put a cleim through consumers affairs. Best of luck to us all..I am going all the way with this... court if it has to come to this. Wondering if it would help to contact a local newspaper or a news station.

  • Wi
      19th of Feb, 2008
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    I sent an email last night that i hit the mouse by mistake before i was finished. The statement i was trying to make about being a former launch commander is that the man should come before the mission. They should not try to destroy the relationships with their paying customers, and should make amends for the disrespect a customer is showen. Now how will a big corporation handle this mistake?

  • Ad
      25th of Feb, 2008
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    I had Enterprise charge my credit card three months after returning a car loaned through my dealership for warranty work (Ihave a loaner agreement.)

    No phone call, email, or any other notification.

    It has been over 30 days and I still cannot get the charge reversed even though I have a signed letter from the dealership.

    Way to go Enterprise, thanks for charging my credit card for your mistake (invoice was paid by dealership for rental) and then not being in any hurry to fix the error.

  • Ro
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    On Feb 21 my dealership gave me a rental for warrenty work. They handed me a Enterprise Rental vehcile. I did a once look over and noticed only 1 dent. The sales rep for Enterprise suggested I purchase the x tra warrenty. I stated no, becouse if I had a accident I would use my insurance company. The sales rep then replied it is people like you that wish they purchased the warrenty. I then stated to him whatever and took off. The next day when I dropped the vehicle off at the dealership I was told to leave it and then enterprise will come and pick it up. Enterprise didnt pick it up till the following day. That following day I recieved a phone call from a representative stating that there was a pen tip chip in the windshield and I needed to pay $25.00. I told them that there was no damage and that they needed to call my insurance company. 5 days later I just recieved a phone call stating that they needed to replace the whole windshield. I had it with them and told them to do something with themselves. The claim rep told me from enterprise not to worry about becouse GIECO will take care of it. This is ENTERPRISE taking advantage of myself and GIECO. I will be taking this higher and will be notifiing local newspapers and tv channels that do local investigations. this is not the last that they have heard from me. send me a email if you want to be heard. this is ridiculas and maybe I will be getting my attorney involved.

  • En
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    On seeing a scratch at the airport, Enterprise told me they would notify me of the cost in a couple of days and charge my card. They predicted it may be as much as $300.

    That was on November 29th 2007. On that same day, they charged an additional $800 on top of the $400 damage deposit they already had.

    It is now 7th March 2008 and they have still not confirmed any costs, charges or anything other than, 'We'll get back to you'.

    I have confirmed the vehicle was in use two days later after coming out of the garage so by 2nd December they would have known the costs.

    So I have paid interest on $1,200 while they earn interest on $1,200 of my money without any communication since December 20th.

    I have regeistered 2 websites to link all the car rental complaint sites and will lead with links to all the complaints to Enterprise and any companies/media that have given them any service awards in the past. I will also be sending some detailed analysis (I'm a Fraud Investigator) of what the total gains to Enterprise would be if they made this mistake with just 0.01% of their clients. Certainly enough for a class action law suit.

    Just think, they have not credited my account not it seems several others long after the contract has closed. This means one of two things, they have NO checks and balances to ensure they balance out charges with clients or they know and do not care. We are talking millions of dollars of income.

  • Ne
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    On Jan. 8, 2008 I was authorised to rent a car from Enterprise (350 Carriage Circle Hemet, Ca. 92545 tel# 915-766-7763) branch manager Kevin Vandermeulen, while my car was being repaired from an auto accident I had in oct. 2007. From Jan. 8 thru March 31, 2008 I had the rental car. On that date (march 31 2008) Enterprise took the car from me and told me I could not have the car back. I walked til April 14th when I got my car from the auto shop. On March 17, 2008 I paid $500.00 out of my pocket to Enterprise, I paid with my ATM card. I did that so that Enterprise would not have to wait for the insurance company. By the way the insurance company name is: Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. Phone no. 1-866-305-6391 Ext 13904 For Stephanie Natale Claims Examiner. On March 25th Enterprise could not wait for the insurance to pay so Kevin Vandermeulen decided to take $250.00 out of my account, it made me so mad that someone from a large company could do something like that I called the insurance company and they sent me a check for the amount of $751.00. In fact that was supposed to pay for the extra insurance @ $12.00 per day. Enterprise said they refunded my account with $227.77 they never did.
    On June 6, 2008 Kevin Vandermeulen took it on his own with out authorization to deduct $250.00 from my account and then another $250.00 in the same day. So on that day he took out a total of $500.00 plus it cost me $33.00 each time for a total of $66.00 a total of $566.00.

    No company should have the right to deduct founds from checking accounts, savings account or credit cards or ATM without prior approval.

    Neal E Dietz
    683 Illinois ave #D211
    Beaumont, ca. 92223

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