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Norcross, GA, United States Review updated:

We paid almost $2500 for a laminate floor for our kitchen and den in September 2008. Salesman Alan Peele [protected]) assured us it would be even better than hardwoods. Though the floor did not look like the picture, we were still happy. By October 2009 the floor was bubbly in odd places. Rhonda Coleman [protected]) sent someone to our house allegedly to repair the boards. The two workers, after poking the floor and making it look worse, said they didn't know if Empire would make good on the product. They then were unable to answer any of our questions. They put blue duct tape on the spots they had messed up in an attempt to repair the new mess they created. After numerous attempts to get Rhonda, who ha said she would contact us, I finally talked with her. She said the bad floor was our fault and that Empire would not stand by the promises of their salesman. When I asked her how happy she would be with a defective floor and asked for her superior, she referred me to Renatta Odum at corporate [protected]). Renatta basically said "tough luck" and that we could pay someone to come look at the floor. She was very abrupt, but did refer us to Tim Sherwin at regional [protected]), who said the floor was highly water resistant and was surprised that some surface moisture (this is what we were told had happened) could cause this damage. He had no answer for why Empire would install a floor, especially in a kitchen, that couldn't be damp mopped. We explained that the floor had not been bused. He made no apologies and also said that Empire would not repair the floor they had sold us less than 1 1/2 years ago. We are now in contact with our attorney, when all we had wanted was for them to honor their promises.

Do not do business with Empire. Whatever is under your feet is better than the inferior product sold to us by a company more interested in cashing a check than keeping a customer. We had thought about using Empire for our lake house, but we now know better. Use a local contractor who stand by his promises.

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      23rd of Mar, 2010

    A member of our customer service team has been in contact with you to offer options for a resolution. Please contact us at 800-588-2300 to assist with all your concerns.

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