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Complaints & Reviews

Carpet One — buddy's carpet one - ontario, ca

2870 HORRIBLE service. The manager is rude and very unwilling to make a bad install right. Standards were not followed as per manufacturer guidelines. Inspection report THEY ordered...

Carpet OneWrong color

We ordered a carpet from Carpet One website for our office. When it finally arrived (delivery took longer than we expected) we were very disappointed because the color of the carpet was incorrect. We contacted Carpet One customer care service and asked for an exchange but they refused. When we just made our order their rep said that we will have 90 days to return. Complete lie! When we wanted to return they claimed they did not accept returns.
They suggested us to keep or donate the carpet. Color was totally wrong and did not suit our office. Avoid doing business with this company!

Carpet One — Installed wrong product and installations poorly done

I thought consumers should be aware of my awful experience with Carpet One in Arlington. I had to have my solid hardwood floors replaced due to water damage I was clear that I...

Glines Carpet One — Horrible tile install, theft from our home, lying owner, unlicensed contractors, buyer beware!!

We hired Glines Carpet One to install floor tile in our 3000 sq.ft. home & remodel 2 showers. We set a time limit of 3 to 4 months maximum, which was acknowledged & agreed upon by...

[Resolved] Carpet One Tulsa — Fraudulent Charge

Carpet One opened a charge account in my name and charged over $4000 to my account without any written authorization. I never agreed to buy anything from them. They charged my...

Carpet One — wrong carpet

We purchased a carpet from the Carpet One store on Airport Freeway in Ft Worth in 2008. It had a 20 yr warranty with a 10 year stain warranty. After the third year a stain...

Carpet OnePoor Service and Installation

We got Carpet One to install carpet and vinyl in our home. The guys who installed it were totally unprofessional and did a real rough job. We noticed the joins in each doorway, the metal strips did not reach to the wall and were cut too short, nails poked up through the carpet, the vinyl looked appalling where you could see where they cut the vinyl to make it meet another piece and they left a mess after each time they came in to work. Very unprofessional, rough and horrible to deal with when trying to get things sorted. I will never recommend carpet one to anybody!!!

Ruggeri Carpet One — Improper installation and Defective product

28th June: We purchased a rug and a Healthy Living pad for our living room, with Ruggeri installers to perform the work from Nancy. 13th July: When the crew arrived, they began...

Carpet OneBad customer service

Just had a house of carpet installed by CARPET ONE Plano. The installation was fine, except they did not install on the day they said they would. This was a remodel move in, and of course carpet was last. Movers were scheduled, move in on rental home scheduled, work scheduled, etc. On the morning of the 9 - 10 AM Saturday install, at noon we called store to say no one was at our home installing carpet.. Only to find out that the installation had been scheduled for Monday. Great when were they going to tell the consumer??? Well you could imagine the changes that had to be done, movers, tenant movers, stay off work another 2 days, pay for all of tenants expenses, storage building, movers hold off of furniture, loss of rental on prior home. When complaining to company about all of the inconveniences, they said we are sorry. Just Sorry.. No other compensation offered, just sorry. The salesman offer us a floor cleaning product, said he would bring by the house next day, nothing.. Went to store in person to return carpet samples, response sorry, when floor cleaner was mentioned salesman ran to car to get, only 3 days too late. Terrible customer service.. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...

Kjellberg Carpet One — Faulty installation - won't honor warranty

DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these people! Run now. They installed our hardwood flooring improperly which VOIDED our manufacturers warranty. The floors are gapping, uneven, shifting...

East Windsor Carpet OneExtremely Poor, Rude Customer Service!

Extremely rude, poor customer service. After asking if prices for wood flooring were negotiable, I was told to get the [censored] out, go find it cheaper, given the middle finger and the owner grabbed his crotch at me (in front of a woman) after I told him I would take my business somewhere else, that he was quite rude.

Milburn Carpet OneHorrible place

This is the WORST place ever. Their workmanship is horrible. The customer service is horrible.

I will beg you not to waste your money here on any type of flooring. They should be shut down and not allowed into people's homes.

Save your money and shop elsewhere!!

Carpet Giant Carpet One — Poor Customer Service

Carpet Giant Carpet One requited full payment up front and then did not show up for the installation. They refused to re-schedule at a new time that was convenient for the...

Carpet One Upland — Tiling Installation

I hired the company to install tile in an bathroom. Thru a series of events I didn't use the bathroom for several years while I shopped for new built ins and fixtures. Once I...

Carpet One, Floors Inc. — Terrible Service

It took them three weeks to put together a job they said it would take DAYS to do. THey kept telling us they could have our floors installed by a VERY SPECIFIC DEADLINE we gave...

Milburn Carpet One — Carpet order not right!

Selected carpet and had them come to measure. They tried to increase the price after we discovered they never ordered the carpet. They also had the nerve to charge me $20 for the...

Carpet OneBait and Switch used on me

When talking with P, the manager of a Carpet Giant branch in Salt Lake City, he gave me a long speech about the guarantees made by Bigelow carpets, saying, "They will refund your money even if you don't like it." So I bought the carpet, thinking it was Bigelow, a name I trusted. First, the installer brought with him into my home, a friend who was not employed by Carpet Giant and who, the installer told me later on, was on drugs.

The installation was terrible. I called Carpet Giant three times and each time they sent an independent contract out to fix it, but it was never fixed. Moreover, the quality of the carpet is inferior.

I complained to Carpet Giant's Customer Service representative about the "Bigelow" carpet, only to receive a letter saying the manufacturer was not Bigelow, but Mohawk.

Do I have any recourse on this bait-and-switch scam?

  • Un
    Unhappy Ale House customer Jul 29, 2009

    Firstly, all mills and several retailers will use different child mill names for their carpets. Mohawk alone manufactures carpet under the labels world, customweave, wundaweave, to name a few, and so it does not denote a switch-and-bait scam. It is your responsibility as a consumer to educate yourself on these issues before making a purchase.

    Secondly, it is obvious that you are unhappy with the installation, and as such I hope you have brought up that issue alone to this retailer, however bringing up the issue of the carpet being inferior is not recommended, as any retailer will assume you are simply not happy with your carpet due to color or other reasons. If you are to bring up the issue of the carpet being inferior, you must also explain why the carpet is of inferior quality. Is it inferior to the sample you were shown? or inferior to what you hoped the quality of the carpet would actually be?

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Carpet OneThe product received was not what I ordered

On November 11, 2006, I purchased Monticello-Ecstasy-Amber carpet at Carpet One: 4720 South Cooper, Arlington TX. 76017.

On decider 14th the carpet was installed. The next day December 15th I went to the store with a piece of the scrap carpet they had installed, a showed them it was the wrong grade of carpet. The Monticello Carpet I ordered comes three different weights Ecstasy, Everlasting and one other. The sale man agreed it appeared to be the wrong weight and said they would check on it. On December 18th I was told by the sales man (Randy Davidson) company policy said the sample I provided had to be tested by an independent lab to verify the mistake because the mill must have sent the wrong grade of carpet. it would take seven to ten days for them to test it. I had the salesman put in writing what was to happen because while waiting for the carpet to arrive I had heard many different stories of why it was late. I then called and talked to the store manger (Larry) and the district manger (Gary Gilbert of Floors Inc.) and was told the same thing that company policy says it must be tested by an independent lab. I explained that if they had both grades of carpet in their warehouse it was more likely that someone just pulled the wrong carpet. But was told that was impossible by the district manager.

On December 28th I called an left messages with both the store manager and the district manager wanting to know what was going on to resolve this issue. The store manager (Larry) called me back that day and said the sample had been sent to the district office for review but he did not know were it stood from there. The next day December 29th the store manager called back and stated the woman that was to review the sample was on vacation till January 2nd and he would not know anything till then. On January 2nd the store manger called and stated that the sample of what they had installed was too sent back to the carpet mill for testing and it would be about two weeks before they would know any thing. This statement was contrary to there earlier statement of it having to be reviewed by an independent lab.

Unfortunately, the product received was not what I ordered. Because the carpet I selected came in three qualities, and I picked the thicker (Ecstasy), but what I received was the thinner (Everlasting)

I am disappointed because even though it is visibly different, the store is denying the problem by giving me the run around and delaying a resolution to this problem. In the mean time I have furniture stacked up every where so as not to have to move it again for the install of new carpet.

To resolve this problem, I would expect the exchanging of the carpet for what I ordered.

Carpet One
4720 South Cooper
Arlington TX 76017

Owned By floors Inc with Carpet One Stores At:
420 South Bell Street, Denton, TX 76201
1201 Airport Freeway, Suite 207, Euless, TX 76116
6700 Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, TX 76116
1900 South Main Street, Grapevine, Tx76051
2001Coit Road, Suite 301, Plano, TX 75075
524 West Belt Line Rd., Suite 10, Richardson, TX 75080

  • Na
    Nan43 Jul 23, 2013

    See my posting for July 2013. The same thing happened to us by the same store and manager, Larry.

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Carpet Giant Carpet OneUnfulfilled contractual Obligations, harassment, additional financial and emotional hardships

I have been in the process of getting the additional documentation to support my claims against Carpet Giant Carpet One. It will be clearly demonstrated what my three primary complaints against Carpet Giant Carpet One are.

1) Unfulfilled contractual Obligations
2) Additional Financial and emotional hardships to have other companies finish their job
3) Harassment i.e. sending me to collections without substantiating the debt.

There were two agreements signed one without carpet and one with I assumed when they sent me to collection that they were referring to the first which they were not they sent me the second (attached) which I no longer had in my possession. My builder and I requested their paperwork when we were in the process of firing them for their unfulfilled obligations, Such paperwork was never furnished us.

1)The contract was signed by us in good faith we paid $10,000 down (on what was originally a smaller contract) as their contract itself stipulates the ³Customer Agrees to Pay the Balance Due Upon Completion to installerŠCarpet Giant.² We had every intention of doing so. The contract was signed on January 20 of 2005. We were very excited about the remodel of our home and were in my opinion very patient with Carpet Giant as they repeatedly missed appointments, when they did show up it would only be for a couple of hours the installer Mr. C claimed that he had a number of jobs and that people that worked for him were quitting and that his father who I believe was the manager had developed some serious medical conditions, as such we were very compassionate and reasonable We saw Mr. C and his wife at a local restaurant and even bought them dinner as a gesture of good faith (also hoping they would feel obligated to finish soon). However We kept communicating to MR.C that we needed to finish, inevitably we saw him less and less and it became ever increasingly difficult to communicate with them. Towards the summer we brought on a CONTRACTOR to assist us He in addition to us spoke with Carpet Giant and notified them that they needed to finish in a timely manner or we were done working with them. We preferred all along that they just finish their agreement. As we stated numerous times to carpet Giant we would move on without them. So in October 2005 around 8 months +/- we had CONTRACTOR oversee the carpet and tile of the home as will be substantiated below. ACCORDING TO LAW CARPET GIANT CARPET ONE had 30 days to fulfill or mostly fulfill their obligations or they were automatically in contract default and had no right to attempt to collect a debt. I HAVE LIMITED THE NAMES OF ALL REPUTABLE PARTIES TO PROTECT THEIR PRIVACY MYSELF INCLUDED.

K C $2,500.00
D Tile $443.18
D Tile $73.10
A Tile $1,650.00
REP INST $2,725.00
M H $2,066.41
S Tile $414.58*
Capital One CC $370.00*

Subtotal $10,242.27

Contractor*A 20% $2,048.45
Carpet Giant Deposit $10,000
Total Cost to finish Tile: $12,290.72

Original Carpet Giant Bid to Tile Home: $21,695.25

Difference it cost me to have other companies finish: $595.47

*I need to have copies ordered will be happy to if Carpet Giant will reimburse me the difference upon substantiation Both are Tile Material.

*A See note from CPA

That is purely a financial hardship difference and does not include the time wasted on Carpet Giant, CARPET ONE, WESTERN WHOLESALE FLOORING; the effects of upholding my home from being finished and or livable and the emotional headaches caused directly and indirectly by as I like to call them Carpet Giant Carpet One Big Headache. It should be noted as copied in my letter from Attorney NyKamp that Carpet Giant is not disputing the carpet and nor should they it is self evident that they were in serious default of contract and have no legal basis to collect on that as they never did anything with carpet except measure for the bid.

Carpet: $5597.3 As you can see I got a much better deal on Carpet DT. Development $1,119.46 Total Carpet: $6,716.76

Total: <$468.24>

However as stated the carpet is totally out of the picture via their own documents and contract default and in the end they owe me $595.47. And one very big apology.

3) As can be seen by their collection letters and their contract bid agreement they never substantiated debt and had no clue what the story on the project was. I suspect because of the (what I was originally told BY CGCO) falling out (rightly so) of MR C. and Carpet Giant Carpet . They treated me as though I were a deadbeat when in fact they were the one¹s that had the unfulfilled obligations. Also note the detail of the invoices of the other companies one can only guess what Carpet Giant Carpet One Big headache¹s (caused me) invoice entails.

In closing in the end they never fulfilled their obligations, caused financial and emotional hardships and left me with a very bad impression of their organization as a whole from my experiences of their retail as well as corporate offices. It should be noted that after the first collection letter my husband called ³Dean² from Customer service several times 06-14-06 leaving numerous voice mail messages to which ³Dean² never replied. (got dean¹s number from the St George Office they stated they would send me bid¹s their files on us , which never happened see email documentation)

It is important to note that in a number of placed where carpet giant carpet one, western wholesale floors did set tile it was uneven and sloppy in fact I have to repair at least 4 tiles as the grouting has given and cracked.

If at all possible I would like you to encourage Attorney Nykamp to answer my questions for him in response to his I feel that his answers could be very beneficial to both the and myself as to what their real intentions are.




  • As
    Ashg Aug 21, 2018

    Yesterday(3-12-18) I purchased carpet roughly 1600.00. I got Notification today that my card was charged twice and now is in the negative. They have not even installed my carpet yet and I'm already dealing with issues like this. Not at all impressed and would likely not recommend.

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