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In August, of 2015, we had flooring placed in our kitchen. We realized that someof the tiles were crooked. They sent out another install team. The y straightened crooked tiles in areas that needed to be done. We noted that there were areas where grout was not correct. Another team came out, as it was decided that quarter round was solution. He took a picture of actual wood needed. installer returned with corner round that did not match. It was also noted that kick board beneath sink area, was wavy. We rescheduled, and requestd for the same installer be sent to our home, as we feel that it is so much easier to work with installer that knew our situation. Also during this whole situation, we have had calls that were never returned, and work missed waiting for people to show. The installer that we requested never came back. It was two different men. They did fix the quarter round, but wavy kick box remained untouched. I am communicating with you to share our dissatisfaction with the whole process. There seems to be major communication within, promised call backs were never returned. We still are not happy with results, but we have never had contact again. We are disappointed with the whole situation. I realize that you have been hear many times, and are asking for follow-up.

James and Mary Lovely

Mar 29, 2016

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