EconomyBookings.comovercharge of $290.62 for the reservation - do not use

A Nov 23, 2017 Review updated:

Just had a unpleasant response from Karina (customer rep # 103) from Economy Bookings @ [protected] she just hung up on me.

I booked my reservation (B16424186) for $549.18 and Russell confirmed via email that this includes taxes and fees. Here is the link to my reservation:

However, the rental company charged me $290.62 more than that ($287.44+$352.36+$200) in July of 2017.

I've been trying to get my money back since then and its been unsuccessful.

I really hope, economy bookings helps me with my refund, but I am not sure if they will, at least based on my phone call with Karina today.

It seems that Economy bookings have their own pricing and the rental company has their own pricing which creates a disconnect in dollars you pay out of your pocket.

I am not going to use this website anymore. I used which was always great but one time I wanted to try this economy bookings and got trapped. Now I am going back to


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      Dec 07, 2017


    My name is May, I am a case manager at Casemark. I have read your review and I am positive I can help you recover compensation.

    We at Casemark want to create a better consumer experience and encourage accountability among businesses. Which means that our goal is to support consumers and provide them with professional representation.

    On behalf of many satisfied customers, we were able to successfully negotiate and recover significant compensations in cases similar to yours. We can work on your behalf and recover the financial compensation you are seeking from the company. We take care of all the difficult paperwork and time consuming communication with the companies.

    I know that getting compensated is never easy, but we have the knowledge and experience with these kind of cases and we will fight for you every step of the way.

    If you are interested in hearing more about the ways we can help you, Please contact me at: [protected]

    May Jackson

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