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eBay Vendor / Vanguard Distributors / warning about vendors &no refunds& policy and poor quality products!

1 United States

If any reader of this instant warning/complaint about Ebay vendor "Vanguard Distributors" takes a moment to "Google-ize" the phrase "piccot123", she/he will see all of the positive AND negative "feedback" published about me by various Ebay VENDORS as a result of my many Ebay online purchases. I am an Ebay BUYER, not a vendor.

One of the (only two) negative feedbacks there about me is by an Ebay vendor doing business as "Vanguard Distributors", who makes knowingly FALSE statements that I am a "WORST CRAZY EBAYER... VENDOR BEWARE... MULTIPLE CHARGEBACK ARTIST!!... DANGEROUS NUT!"

This deliberately false negative feedback was in retaliatory response to my merely demanding from "Vanguard Distributors" a full REFUND for the poor quality TV they sold me. (I have just today, 11-6-07, lodged a FORMAL complaint with the Ebay officials, demanding that they force said Ebay vendor to WITHDRAW his slanderous feedback against me and, moreover, that they DISCIPLINE him for such unprofessional behavior.)

CONCLUSION: All Ebay, Internet, and otherwise online BUYERS/SHOPPERS, such as this writer, are hereby warned, in good faith, to think twice before doing any kind of business with Ebay vendor "Vanguard Distributors" for the following reasons: (1.) This vendor has a strick "NO REFUNDS" policy, so, if dissatisfied with a product, one must try to get their money back via their own personal bank, Visa card agent, or by other non-vendor means; (2.) Said vendor sells very poor quality 7" LCD flat panel TV's made by a China-based company called "SUPER"; (3.) Said vendor publishes on Ebay knowingly FALSE/SLANDEROUS negative feedback when an Ebay buyer lodges negative feedback against him for legitimate reasons; (4.) And, lastly, said vendor, "Vanguard Distributors", operates out of a mere US Postal Service P.O. Box, rather than a legitimate BUSINESS ADDRESS.

To wit, for all of the foregoing reasons, may all online BUYERS beware of said Ebay vendor "Vanguard Distributors". Thank you.

Paul H. Piccot
Santa Clara, CA
(Ebay buyer/bidder, "piccot123").

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