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eBay Success Kit / we don't need this anymore

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I ordered the ebay success system on may 10, 2009 for $1. 95 shipping to try at home risk - free for 7 days. I received the kit on friday, may 22, 2009. I was told i would receive it in 1to 5 business days. I received it in 10 business days. The $1. 95 went through my credit card on may 12, 2009. Five days later on may 17, 2009, before they shipped me the kit for my 7 days risk - free trial a charge for $39. 95 went through my credit card. I was charged before they shipped my 7 day risk free kit. The customer service number listed on my credit card statement [protected] has been busy for four days, night and day. I gave up after four days. The customer service number listed online is answered by a recording and tells you to hold for the next available agent, but no one ever answer. I called the number several times and waited for 20 to 25 minutes each time. It's a big big scam. Please do not give these people your credit card information. Patricia edwards, west palm beach, fl.

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  • Eb
      9th of Mar, 2009
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  • Sc
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    The Ebay Success Team is a huge scam. The shipping and handling fee for $1.97 is to test your credit card to see if it is a valid number. When you agree to their terms by checking the accept button, hidden in their agreement is the ability to charge you $39.95 per month to be able to access their website. Then they charge you another $9.95 for a one-time charge to join the Ebay Success Team. You will then get another charge for $12.98 which is suppose to be for some QuickList they will tell you that you agreed to purchase. If you don't stop you credit card at this point it will start over again the next month. When I finally talked with the customer service person - who I am sure was in India - he stated that he did not know anything about the companies charging on my credit card. They were using the names: Ebaymen, Online Services and EbayWeb to charge on my account. Leurn stated that he did not know or recognize any of the toll free numbers associated with each name and that he as not associated with any of those names - that was until I called the fourth name andwouldn't you know it - old Leurn answered the phone. I told him I was amazed that he did not recognize his own company's name since he answered their phone. At this point I ask Leurn if this call was being taped and he said it was; I said good because I wanted everyone to know that if I ever find him that he would not have to worry about fathering any children. At this point I received a dialtone. I hate crooks and these people are on the top of my list. Do not do any business with them.SCG, MS.

  • Mo
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    Wow this is absolutely DISGUSTING!!! I am NOT surprised to say the least! I had that email sent to me so I also can make millions on ebay staying at home (I like a million people out there HATE MY **#@!! JOB!) and I was interested in this great opportunity that seemed too good to be true! well I figured BEFORE I go and order this great offer, let me google EBAY STARTER KIT and the word SCAM, and sure enough all of these complaints are all across the board!! THANK GOD for all of you people out there that made complaints you have saved me here from ordering that trial kit! I also was scammed a few months ago by a teeth whitening kit I was going to get as a TRIAL period as long as I paid shipping and handling only! well It was supposed to be a trial kit for 10 days after I paid for the S&H..WELL, I paid the s&H fees, and received the whitening kit in the mail 20 days after they promised, and that very same day $74.99 was deducted from my bank account and I had checks bouncing on me! I was LIVID!!! I cried on the phone, begged them to please re imburse me and they would not "Fine print" said to end the trial period and we wont bill you! THE problem here is I NEVER received that stupid whitening kit until 20 day slater and that same day they are taking $74.99 from me!!? Then I discover they have the right to take that amount from me every MONTH!!! Well I went to my bank, told them what was going on, they closed out that card, issued me another one, my bank refunded me that moent and went after the SLIME company that did this to me!I WILL never again try any thing like that with out first GOOGLE it and hit the word SCAM! I WAS leary of this ebay making millions one, but out of morbid curiosity read it. Then I google it and the word scam as I said, and these complaints came up!!!THANK YOU ALL OF YOU BLESS YOU!!! ANd if it seems too good to be true, it is because IT IS...By the way the teeth whitening kit ad was on the INTERNET!!! JUST LIKE this one you have complained about..Be careful every one and GOD BLESS! Remember, there are other ways to be rich, and I am sure you are all in other ways Rich with things in your life that do not hild monetary value!!! But still I do I know, money does help :)
    JUST be careful and always GOOGLE any thing you aren sure of that you need info on BEFORE going through with it..YOU can even google people!!! pUT A PERSONS NAME into google and you can some times pull up legal public information on them!!!

  • Li
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    the same thing happened to me about the ebaymen. i didnt enen know i accepted anything. i got charged the 1.97, then the 39.95, then 12.95, then 9.95. my bank says there is nothing i can do because i did'nt cancel! how do you cancel something that you did'nt know you agreed to in the first place. it must be very well hidden. BEWARE OF THESE SCAM ARTISTS!!! my bank which is CHASE BANK won't even stand behind me on this ! i feel that these people are stealing our money and the bank is allowing them to do it!!!

  • Ge
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    I am looking to start selling on ebay therefore Ive been checking drop ships etc.Trying to find the best way to start. Last night I received a phone call from a very saavy sounding guy from a co. called ebay success team I had found by happenstance yesterday, filled out the form anxiously waiting for the half hour call so they could answer any questions I had. No questions were answered on my part anyway.He wanted to know our income, etc.etc. He told me to go online to watch a video and his boss will call me tonight after they see if I meet the criteria to be accepted by them. No $ was disscussed yet.Sounded exciting. But this morn when I woke up & drank the coffee it woke up the brain cells too.I tried finding their buisness on line and found you folks. Oh happy day! Thanks to all that as given testomonials about these jerks and confirming my doubts. I am so sorry about you that lost money Im sure thats what is coming out of tonights call. They will get a little surprise!!! I have learned other things now too from yall.I havent started making my millions yet but now have more knowelege in which one way is wealth. Thanks to everyone and glad that as a whole we can make a difference in some ways. There will always be scammers out there but we wont succumb. God Bless and good luck to all who are still trying to make $, honestly. Geneva Green, Texas

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