Dunkin Donutse. coli/salmonella cover up

Upper management and packaging/shipping warehouses trying to keep e. Coli contamination quiet, stating to customers they are "temporarily out of stock" of dunkaccino, white chocolate, and hot chocolate. Statewide news broadcast in late june, 2009, did a story about aforementioned beverages being contaminated w e. Coli and/or salmonella due to negligent, careless packaging and shipping from northeast hub.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Smyrna, TNProducts were left in the machine long before and after contamination news broke to public. Employees were instructed to lie to customers if they inquired about this issue by telling them "those products never left the truck" and "no trace of said contaminated product was anywhere in the store"... When in reality, the hot chocolate machine was stocked up with the contaminated powder, only 4 feet away from the inquiring customer.

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