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Red Rooster Southern River

I purchased 3 x family chips from Southern River Red Rooster on 31st March via drive through.

Arriving at home 10 minutes later we noticed the chips are very undercooked, they were either uncooked in the middle, and at best soggy.

It happens. It's not a big deal. What is a big deal is how this was dealt with by the store manager.

Upon calling to advise of the issue the only option that was given was to return the chips to be issued a credit. However, as we all know, we're in isolation at present, I have five children at home that I am homeschooling on real time and we quickly went out inbetween classes to order via drive through.

I explained that I was unable to return to the store a second time at a cost of 30 minutes, fuel, loading the kids back in the car and as I e used this red rooster for 10 years, I simply asked for a credit for next time.

I even requested a 50% credit to meet halfway in lieu of being able to return them as nobody in our house would eat the chips that cost $20.35 cents. I offered to send photographs.

The manager refused all requests, either return them despite I explaining I could not or forfeit the credit.

The only measure the manager would agree to is a credit of one box of chips.

I said that as a minimum of good faith, he needed to meet me halfway.

The manager angrily hung up because he said I was negotiating too strongly.

I think it's a matter of meeting the requirements of the consumer code Red Rooster, you could have sent a driver as I suggested, the onus needs to be on Red Rooster to correct the issue.

If you're not willing to send a driver, then offer a credit. I told you I would write a review, and here it is.

Mistakes happen, good will in offering a credit especially in this season of lockdown is a must. These are challenging times, we're on a budget like everybody else, today's treat was about lifting spirits in the present climate and your response was unacceptable.

I will avoid using Red Rooster Southern River at all costs in the future as hanging up on a customer is extremely poor management of issues.

Red Rooster Southern River

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    Inarehe Mar 31, 2020

    I am glad the manager stood ground. The only way that you should get a refund if you return the food. He does not need to meet you halfway. This is a business, not a charity. You were trying to get something you are not entitled to. He has every right to be angry and hang up. If you are on a budget an cannot afford the food do not get it. I doubt you will be missed and your begging for more than what you are entitled to is poor behavior.

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poor service

Today being Friday 6th march 2020
I proceeded to go through drive where i told to hang on which took 6 minutes then ordered drove to where i i pick up the food where i waited 11 minutes which i believe is poor service and i look at my rear view mirror to which there was a few cars behind
Disgusting service having to wait that long 3 minutes fair enough like McDonald's or Hungry jacks but 11 minutes disgusting..
Please reply to this as i would like to know you received it


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Every time I go to this particular Red Rooster in Kalamunda, Western Australia, in a busy time, the chips are always cold. They clearly do not plan far enough ahead to have chip...

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Not happy purchased a meal and sides through your delivery app no problems order went through money taken from my acc 5 mins later receive a txt stating ther has been a delay with order but rest assured it's coming . I than recieved another txt stating my order could not be furfilled and I will receive a refund within 48 hrs ???? Not good enough I will not use your online service again as I was affected by this as I did not have enough funds in my account to purchase a meal with cash I had to borrow funds and was inconvenient and a stress I could do with out

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I am so annoid that a red rooster franchise would allow such a rude obnoxious child to be left to run a store and it made complete sence that the manager hon would be the one...

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Hi . I went to my local store today to grab a quick bite . Saw the add for your butter chicken WINGS and decided to try them . Imagine my disapointment when i got them . Instead of 3 WINGS, i got 3 WING PIECES Just so you know, a chichen wing has 3 sections, not 1 . Selling a wing piece as a wing is mileading and is falsely advertising them as such. I wont be buying them again.

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597364 Why is it that I have to pay $1 extra simply because I choose not to drink Coke Zero. I have bought lunch deals that include that diet drink crap and have been able to change it...

Red Roosterdelivery lateness

Placed order before 6pm tonight and after waiting rang Windsor's NSW store and was told that order is delayed as they don't get till another half hour.

I have ordered before and when I get the text giving the time frame of delivery, the food is delivered on time or a few minutes later.

I was lied to by the manager and was told food will be a further 20 min late but as I'm writing this that time has already passed.

I would like a response to this matter
asap via email: jstanley.[protected]


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Went to the Proserpine store this afternoon no one else in store manager was on mobile phone behind counter in full view of store yes he did end his conversation when Imyself and...

Red Rooster Charlton — rude manager

A manger throw a burger at a staff member for not hearing him constantly asks staff what is wrong with them and made a few of the girl's cry at work because they asked him to...

customer service

I went to have lunch at Red Rooster, Ducks Lane, Goulburn, NSW today (15/08/2019), it was around 12 noon. Since it was lunch hour, the outlet was busy. I ordered for a Rooster Roll and as there was a promotion on Rooster Roll, I believe many people had ordered the same.

I heard the shift supervisor call out Rooster Roll so I went and collected the meal and sat at the dining area. I was unaware that the I had collected the wrong order (a Rooster Roll with some add ons). It was an honest mistake.

I had barely started eating when the shift Supervisor walked up to me and asked what had I ordered and I showed her the receipt. She sighted the receipt and humiliated me in presence of so many customers and walked away. It was so embarrassing, I returned the food to a crew member, apologized for taking the wrong order unknowingly, and went away with an empty stomach and teary eyes.
Later in the afternoon i went and got a refund as i had not eaten anything. Money is not the issue; it is the humiliation that i went through that prompted me to lodge this complaint.

I urge the management to look into the following:-
- to provide proper customer service training to its Crew so that nobody else comes across the same situation as me.
- call out for order pickup by calling the order numbers to avoid confusion.
- teach the staff to be racially tolerant.

delivery of food did not arrive, staff rude, manager even ruder.

I placed an online order at 5.46pm yesterday 12/8/19, after arriving home from holidays with no food in the house and my husband at work, the order was confirmed and delivery message received stating that my order would arrive within 20-30 minutes.
after 45 minutes with no delivery or further messages, I began to telephone the store, a young sounding staff member answered the call and advised that they had run out of chicken and that the order was being processed and it would be a further 30 minutes. I asked if this was definitely going to happen and was advised that it was, I stated that I had a child with a disability that was very stressed waiting on food.
The food did not arrive in the stated 30 minutes, I began to telephone the store with no answer. I telephoned a further 61 times in between 6.45pm - 8.42pm.
I received an inaudible phone message from the store at 8.42pm, I had to replay the massage several times to be able to identify a call back number.
I the mean time my husband had finished work and was able to attend the store. It was stated to him by the manager that there was a blackout at the store (this was not the case and was a lie, the blackout was in fact at another store 10 minutes away), it was also stated that they ran out of chicken, that they could not fill the order. When I husband complained that they should have rang people, they stated that they were about to do this, and that they thought that if people had not received their food within two hours they should have realized and gotten something else to eat. the staff were rude, the manager was abusive to his staff members, ripping a drive through head piece of his staff members head.
The order was filled (so again another lie in regards to not having the chicken), my husband was offered a 50% discount and was completely fed up by this stage, my husband was also not aware of the full cost of the order as I had placed it. $20 was received when our order was over $46.00.
Our disabled daughter was able to eat dinner at 9.05pm after my husband attended the store, when the order was originally placed at 5.46pm.

The service was disgusting, the manager showed disrespectful behaviors towards his young staff members, who were obviously trying to do the best job under very stressful circumstances.

At no stage did the store disengage the online order function.

Janelle Carroll

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Arrived at Rowville Red Rooster Drive through and ordered at approximately 6.10pm . Placed order and waited behind 6 vehicles for twenty minutes before arriving at the window to...

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597364 I came down to red rooster at lakehaven nsw tonight I ordered a loaded chicken parmi buyer large meal and 10 cheesey nuggets i paid $19.95 got back home 15min drive home to find...


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There is a dent in my bikes exhaust, I want it to be removed, i've purchased it 2 months ago, no where in mangalore they are willing to fo it, they say that it could be removed by...


I placed an online order and about half hour later received a message saying my order is still being processed and for further information to call my local store. I waited for...

online delivery service

I made a delivery order on the night of Monday 8th July at 7pm using the online delivery website. After 45+ minutes the store calls me and informs me delivery is not available...