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Red Rooster Southern River

I purchased 3 x family chips from Southern River Red Rooster on 31st March via drive through.

Arriving at home 10 minutes later we noticed the chips are very undercooked, they were either uncooked in the middle, and at best soggy.

It happens. It's not a big deal. What is a big deal is how this was dealt with by the store manager.

Upon calling to advise of the issue the only option that was given was to return the chips to be issued a credit. However, as we all know, we're in isolation at present, I have five children at home that I am homeschooling on real time and we quickly went out inbetween classes to order via drive through.

I explained that I was unable to return to the store a second time at a cost of 30 minutes, fuel, loading the kids back in the car and as I e used this red rooster for 10 years, I simply asked for a credit for next time.

I even requested a 50% credit to meet halfway in lieu of being able to return them as nobody in our house would eat the chips that cost $20.35 cents. I offered to send photographs.

The manager refused all requests, either return them despite I explaining I could not or forfeit the credit.

The only measure the manager would agree to is a credit of one box of chips.

I said that as a minimum of good faith, he needed to meet me halfway.

The manager angrily hung up because he said I was negotiating too strongly.

I think it's a matter of meeting the requirements of the consumer code Red Rooster, you could have sent a driver as I suggested, the onus needs to be on Red Rooster to correct the issue.

If you're not willing to send a driver, then offer a credit. I told you I would write a review, and here it is.

Mistakes happen, good will in offering a credit especially in this season of lockdown is a must. These are challenging times, we're on a budget like everybody else, today's treat was about lifting spirits in the present climate and your response was unacceptable.

I will avoid using Red Rooster Southern River at all costs in the future as hanging up on a customer is extremely poor management of issues.

Red Rooster Southern River

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Today being Friday 6th march 2020
I proceeded to go through drive where i told to hang on which took 6 minutes then ordered drove to where i i pick up the food where i waited 11 minutes which i believe is poor service and i look at my rear view mirror to which there was a few cars behind
Disgusting service having to wait that long 3 minutes fair enough like McDonald's or Hungry jacks but 11 minutes disgusting..
Please reply to this as i would like to know you received it


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