Dollar Treethe maintenance and cleaning of the premises

The Dollar Tree I am referring to is located on St Nicholas Avenue, between West 125th Street and West 126th Street in Harlem New York. I have visited the location on several occasions to purchase items for events at Work. The prices of items are great. The workers are helpful and polite. I've never returned an item or tried to obtain a refund. I do not believe that would have been a problem. My complaint is about the state of the space. The Dollar Tree is located in the basement of the building. To reach the store there are escalators.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NY I've never seen, in any store, the dirt on the walls, the escalator, the space between the escalator as those in this location. The store itself is grimy. It is dirty, smelly and just very unattractive. I've noticed that even in the refrigerator where food items are kept, the shelves and the bottom of the appliances are filthy. It is understood that items are very cheap. However, customers and employees should not have to be in such poorly kept conditions. The stores have been open a few years now. At the look of it, it doesn't seem like it has been cleaned since the first day it opened. That is the complaint. The store needs cleaning from the top to the bottom.


Nov 23, 2018

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