Dollar Treestore manager customer service

A Nov 25, 2017

Store 990 located in Prestonsburg, Ky has the most unprofessional employees I have ever witnessed at any retail store. They are always on their cell phones or standing outside smoking. The manager is usually there with them. It seems like one big party all the time. I use to enjoy going into the store and browsing, but now the store is so unorganized, dirty, and the employees are so rude that I will not shop there anymore. The staff even uses foul language, the manager being the worse. I haven't been in that store recently that I haven't heard at least one employee curse. I tried speaking to the store manager about the condition of the store, but she just got rude and defensive. Two other employees, a young girl with long blonde hair and a dark haired girl who appeared to be in her 30's, stood snickering as the manager named Carla talked rudely to me. Not sure what has happened to this store and management, but I will not be shopping there again.

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