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awfully rude workers

When visiting dollar tree located on 377 killingly st, there was an older women cashing me out who was very rude to me. when approaching the manager she still procide to be rude, the manager asked her to stop talking to me and he told me he would handel it but at any time no one appologized to me. i asked him for his bosses number he told me it does not matter because all the complaintes go through him. this is not the first time i have had a sproblem in this location that the manager did not take seriouse. i will never return to another dollar tree and i will be letting every one i know, know about how rude your workers are. thank you have a good day.

  • But you can't really stop going to Dollar Tree in general because one employee is an a**, can you?! That would be silly... Just find another store where the employees treat you well.

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will not refund my money

I visited this store at Belmont, CA and my cashier scanned one item twice by mistake. I noticed it when I was checking my receipt before I left the store and went back to her right away. I asked her to get my money back. Seems like nothing difficult to do, but she said "Just pick one item from the store to exchange because we don't refund." I told her I did not need anything else from the store any more so just return my money back. She kept saying she cannot refund any money. I felt it was wasting my time talking to her so I asked for manager. I explained the manager what happened and told her I just want my money back since I did not need anything else from the store anymore. The manager said same thing as the cashier that it is a store policy not to refund cash. I told her it is wrong and does not make sense since it's not really a refund nor exchange. But she insisted about no cash refund policy. At this point I felt absurd and left the store. What they are saying doesn't make sense! They took "no cash refund" too literally! It may be only a dollar, but I totally do not understand at all!!

  • Dj
    d.jc Feb 10, 2010

    i had the same thing happen to me with a green dot card justed turn it in stolden and dont buy them i was told by walgreens that mexicans were sending a $1000 OVER THERE SO WL GREENS DONT CARRY THEM ANY MORE I WAITED A LONG TIME TO GET MY MONEY, NO MOST STORES DO NOT GIVE ANY MORY BACK ACE/ AVANCE, JUSTED HAVE TO BE VERE CARFUL OF WHAT YOU DO NEVER BUT A CARD ON TH EWEB TO MANY EYE AND EARS

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rude and unsafe

My grandaughter is 4yrs old and is handicapped. She requires a small wheelchair that is quite expensive. While shopping at a Dollar Tree in Mississippi with my daughter and granddaughter, a store employee began pushing a large cleaning machine down the isle where we were looking at merchandise. The isle had boxes of merchandise sitting in the isle. The young man ran the machine into my grandaughter's wheelchair.Then, he did not budge-looking for my daughter to move the wheelchair. The wheelchair was pinned between the machine and the boxes in isle. I told him that he could hurt my grandaughter or tear up an expensive wheelchair. He said nothing and went on about his business.In about 10 minutes, I and my daughter paid for our merchandise and left the store.The young man came outside and accused us of placing merchandise in the aisles and then asked us not to ever return to the store. Like the comment I just read on this site about a safety issue at Dollar Tree, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.Not only am I upset about the careless behavior of this employee, I am also offended at his rudeness.He and Dollar Tree need not worry about me, my family, or co-workers shopping there. I work as a marketer for a company that is about a block away from this store. Our company spent a good amount of money there on decorations, making marketing baskets for medical suppliers and doctors, candies and flower seeds for marketing booths, etc.

left my daughter heartbroken

Sunrise, Florida: I took my 7 year old daughter to shop for Christmas gifts with money she had saved up in her piggy bank. She had a total of $11.00 (4 dollar bills & the rest in quarters & dimes). When the item were rung up the cashier/manager Latoya refused to accept payment. She stated that she would not take the money and that she was not our bank. I asked her where it was posted that coins were not accepted. (For the record, no posting exsist). She closed the register down & walked away leaving my daughter totally heartbroken! I have contacted the corporate office via e-mail and I'm hoping to hear from them. I believe a written apology is in order & an employee reprimand.

  • Ga
    Gail017 Mar 02, 2010

    As a cashier I can kind of understand her side of things. I always hated it when people would pay with change, especially when the line is long to begin with because, although we would like to take your word for it and we would like to think all that change really adds up to $11 we cannot and simply have to count out all of that change for ourselves, meanwhile other customers waiting in line get upset that we're taking too long. I usually let people pay with change, myself, but it is utterly annoying. I mean, couldn't you have payed for it and took your daughter's change, or better yet, couldn't you have swung by the bank and had them turn it to bills? I can see both sides here, although I do agree she shouldn't have been rude about it. Perhaps she could have even asked you if you'd pay for it and take your daughter's change to the bank? That certainly would have been nicer.

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awful customer service

I have a problem with the Dollar tree located in Milwaukee, Wi on Silver spring Dr.

I was purchasing items from this store that included glass bottles and items with jagged edges. I was in line for about 15 minutes because the store was crowded, and there is never enough help. I finnaly made it to the register. After the cashier placed my items in the bag, I requested her to double them. She stated to me "that they were not allowed to double the bags". I explained to her that I am not driving, I was walking, and that the bags would tear before I make it home, it happenned to me in the past with bags from this store. I asked if I could buy some extra bags'I was told no" I then told the cashier that I would not be able to take the otems and left the store dissapointed. SO MUCH FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • So
    sonothappywithretail Mar 14, 2012

    Your problem affects every one in every location: No help and no logic. I do beleive there should be more than two people AT ALL TIMES in each and every store location. Fast and friendly service is key. To comply with a request over a few extra bags just makes sense. Abused and enslaved employees, though, make for a really unpleasant environment. Sorry for your bad experience.

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miss management andsexual relations on the job ignored by coorprate... results

To Whom it May Concern: I Traci Lee Proctor, Sales Manager for the Emmett, Idaho Dollar Tree Store #3682...

rude employees

I Have a complaint about the store in El Monte, CA about saftey policies and very rude employees. Well i was in the store one of the employees were very careless about handling equipment in the store she was holding a stepping ladder and then lend it against a shopping cart which ended up falling and making the shopping cart roll in the direction me and my 2 year old daugther were standing which we were not that far from her. Luckily it barely bumped her and its wasnt something serious but could of really injured my daughter if it had been pushed a little more harder. When the employee had seen what she had done she didnt even apologize she acted like nothing ever happened and kept doing what she was doing. So i called the store to make a complaint about the situtaion to the store manager and she had the same additude about it and got my name and number down and said she would give it to the supervisor and she would give me a call back but they never did so the management there is as irresponsible as the employees and they need to take training classes for saftey and how to assist customers because this store is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

uncooperative and unprofessional

I spend money almost daily at the calera dollar tree. Several of the workers know my face and I consider them my friends. But the 3 that were here this morning 10/30/07 were not so kind. The red head cashier who all my friends hope not to see when they walk in was there this am.

She was uncooperative in answering my questions and rude, as usual. When I checked out she continued to be rude so I let her know that people do notice her hateful attitude and that each time i've been in there and she was there she has been hateful as hell.

The manager (short haired huskey lady) wanted to make a big argument out of the information I gave her, and in front of other customers. I had privately mentioned to the other worker that this one had a bad attitude, but when checking out and she was continuing, I decided to say it to her. That's when the manager jumped in at her defence...

That is why I am writing. They are not looking to improve things over there and I don't have to shop dollar trees again.

horrable store manager

I went to the Dollar tree in Shererville Ind. today like I have many times before. Well I went to go into the...

lynn ubil

Attn:Linda, Today is August 12, 2009. Went to work today, Sandy wanted the warehouse rearranged.So she told...

horrible service

I visited a store in Houston. The music playing was so horrible that I quickly got what I needed and left. Usually, I like to browse. Typically, stores play easy listening music not hard core rock so as not to offend anyone. I asked the clerk about the music and she told me that they did not choose it. It was piped in from corporate. From now on, I will go to the dollar store farther down the street.

  • Sl
    Slagathorn Jul 29, 2009

    How is crappy music played over the speaker horrible serice?
    It's true. There was a retail place I worked for, where we didn't choose the music nor could we change it. That's not horrible customer service. It just sucks.

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  • Th
    Thomas Aug 11, 2009

    When visiting dollar tree located on 377 killingly st, there was an older women cashing me out who was very rude to me. when approaching the manager she still procide to be rude, the manager asked her to stop talking to me and he told me he would handel it but at any time no one appologized to me. i asked him for his bosses number he told me it does not matter because all the complaintes go through him. this is not the first time i have had a sproblem in this location that the manager did not take seriouse. i will never return to another dollar tree and i will beletting every one i know, know about how rude your workers are. thank you have a good day.

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  • Va
    vatando Sep 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Imagine our dismay in discovering that our card number had been compromised by someone using "our"card numbers minis the card, all over Hesperia, Calif 2961 and we live in Tucson, and they are the only company involved that we recieved no help from our call to Corp. Dollar tree who did not return the call, the corp service telephone was the worst most disorganized mess I have ever encountered. My card was locked in the safe, but the charges had been entered manually, and had my signature. ( I doubt they could write like I do as I am handicapped), the charges were not done just once by twice. Here I am established in my community and I have to show my driver license to use my ownccards.So what is this nonsense???????

    Watch out America, this is not a well run organization. I have called my attorney. Wells Fargo has initiated fraud investigation and now the attorney
    generals office is involved, as well as the police dept here since initially it had to be from someone who took a credit card statement from here who we hired .

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poor customer service

On monday, july 20, 2009 at approximately 4:30 p. M. Central time, I visited dollar tree store # 2242 at...

laid off / fired who knows!!!

I was hired there on may 20, 2009 as a cashier... Worked when they called me in.. On june 14 I was to report...

rude manager

I went to take a visitor from Boston Ma to visit the location on Campwisdom last nite about 8:30Pm to pick up...

surly manager

Several weeks ago I purchased a small stapler at Dollar Tree and discovered, once home, the interior mechanism was missing. I went back the following day, receipt in hand, without considering I could possibly receive resistance from the store manager. I was wrong. She inspected the stapler, inspected my receipt, asked if I was sure I had not broken it, than aquiesced with a heavy sigh, allowing me to go retrieve a replacement stapler. The entire incident was frustrating, but humorous. Today, I was in same Dollar Tree with my 13-year-old son to get Father's Day balloons, among other items. When my son and I stepped out the door of Dollar Tree, one of the mylar balloons detached from the ribbon and flew away. My son said he'd tell the store manager and I decided to let him handle it. He went back inside holding the balloon-less ribbon only to appear back outside the store within seconds, head hanging. He told me the store manager told him (same woman who interrogated me about the defective stapler) once balloons go out the door the store is no longer responsible. I asked my son to wait near our car and went inside. I approached the surly store manager and told her the balloon was not secured on the ribbon and had, through no fault of ours, flown away. She said, "You have to hang onto them!" I told her the ribbon had not been tied. She said, "We tie them!" I looked at the ten-person line waiting at the only check-out and asked, "Are you telling me I have to get in line now and buy another balloon?" She sighed her familiar heavy sigh and said, "Just this time I will let you get another balloon!" I walked over, took another mylar balloon and saw the ribbon was attached to the balloon with a piece of Scotch tape. When I got to the car, I checked the other balloons we had purchased, and they, too, had ribbons held with only a piece of Scotch tape. Many mylar balloons are destined to be set free once outside that Dollar Tree. The point is this store manager has an utter lack of people skills and, like many in jobs they appear to hate, seizes all opportunity, apparently, to wield the tiny power she has over Dollar Tree customers. She is not interested in customer service. She makes no effort to be pleasant. She is interested in holding her miniscule authority over the heads of unfortunate shoppers needing assistance.

  • binder Jun 17, 2009

    What are you complaining about then; you got your way both times you big baby. Awwwwww the manager was rude, big deal - it's a ### job & probably the only thing she's qualified for. Maybe she was on the rag too, who knows? You're just gonna have to buck up & get over it; you are going to run into many more rude people in your lifetime.

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  • Ef
    efingsimple Feb 05, 2011

    No one has pride in their work anymore, do they -- yes, that's probably the only thing that sorry manager will ever qualify for (like most Dollar Tree employees in the manager or asst. manager position) but so what? If you can't do the job, get the f*** out. I'm glad she stood her ground AND got her way.

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39 yr. old dollar tree manager attacks 16 year old

It was about 11 o clock in the morning while I was walking out of the beer/wine store. I see a teenager walking down towards where I had happend to be. Next thing you know, an dollar tree employee runs out of the store and yanks the girl by her hair and starts beating her. I was in shock. Later on that day I found out the girl that had been attacked was a 16 year old former employee at the store who had gotten fired because she didnt show up to work that last monday. I had also found out that the lady who attacked her was a 39 year old manager at the store. As I continue to keep in touch with the 16 year old, I find that there is a deeper story to why the manager attacked her. the 39 year old manager also has a daughter working there as well. Her daughter was a good friend of the 16year olds. They had gotten into an argument and thats when things went downhill (Says the 16year old). She also states that it was just typical teenage drama that every high schooler has probaly gone through before. Where they talk about each other, text eachother saying this and that, myspace, facebook, etc. i honestly think the mother, who is also the store manager should had just left it alone. Shes supposed to be the "grown" one in this situation, but oviously isnt. Like what I always say, "let teens be teens".

But I still dont know why this woman hasnt been fired yet.

  • An
    anonyMiss Aug 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well, i hate to say it, because it does sound terrible, but this doesn't sound true. she might have been a shoplifter (still horrible to do that) but if the girl's story were true, i would only assume a police report would have been filed

    if you'd like to get to the bottom of it, you could always contact the police or dollor corporate

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  • Ma
    Mark Bilsby Jan 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last time I checked, Dollar Tree will not hire anyone under 18.. Hmmmmm

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  • Me
    Megamoku Mar 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Indeed, Dollar Tree will not hire anyone under the age of 18 and family members/friends can not work in the same store. So the mother could not have had her daughter working in the same store as her.

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  • Jo
    john Mar 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    And I just love [censor] :)
    Hey! I made some changes at your page!
    Check it out here by cutting and pasting:
    My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!

    John Wright

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dirty ribbons on mylar hanging balloons

I noticed that the ribbons on these mylar Mother's Day balloons are hanging down to my chest walking to look at items in the front of the store. They were in my mouth, nose, eyes, hair and on my face. I complained to the person checking me out and she said there was nothing she could do and there would be alot more of them this week for Mother's Day. This is how the swine flu is spread through touching the eyes, nose, and mouth with the germs. I am a school librarian and will have been out of school from May1-May 11, 2009, at least, because of one case of the swine flu in our school. They have to clean the entire school. There are many other diseases that can be contracted this way also. It is just not sanitary. Please move the balloons, shorten the ribbons, do not make them up ahead. something!
Thank you,
Patricia, Arlington, TX

  • Ba
    batmanfreak102 Nov 16, 2009

    I work for Dollar Tree. We have to put the ballons out in advance so people can buy them ahead. Its corporate policy. Also, we have to keep the ballons in the front of the store as an impulse item. I don't know where this Dollar Tree keeps their ballons, but ours are in an out of the way corner. And the whole shortening the string thing; Our balloons come with the strings already attached. We can't shorthen them. We can'[t elongate them. Just walk around the balloons and not in the middle of the strings.

    A Dollar Tree associate.

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debit card scam

While checking my debit card account I noticed that a transaction that took place on Saturday April 18 wa...

poor services and products

My complaint is about the poor service that I have recieved at two individual Dollar Tree Stores. I do not remeber the exact dates because there have been several incidents in which I have experienced bad service. There have been several incidents in which I have asked for help in looking for an item and the employees simply acted as if they didn't want to help me find it or were standoff-ish towards me. I have also experienced this while waiting in line. I once met the manager of one of the Dollar Tree stores; while waiting in line, I wanted to ask her a few questions about recieving an application and about finding some items within the store. However, she acted very cold and standoff-ish toward me and was not really willing to answer any of my questions. It was as if I had to persistently force her to answer my questions! Her attitude towards me was very cold. She just told me to "Come back tommorow!" I simply had to interpret that as if she didn't have any applications or any of the products that I was looking for. The products, which by the way somtimes don't work or malfunction. There are two products which I have brought that don't work. The first is a CD which was supposed to have some music on it but was a blank CD. The second was a lighter (the large kind) which was supposed to work but also doesn't. I know that I should have returned these products to see if I can at least get a reciept and I also should have posted these complaints earlier but I believe that now is a better time than never and I am seriously considering taking my business elswhere.

  • La
    lameasses555 Sep 08, 2009

    well i dont think you can really complain about a product not working very well when you only paid a dollar for it! and If you bought that hanna montana cd, they Are blank cds. and you really shouldn't be asking for an application while your shopping. Many times employees are rude to customers because the customer was rude to them first. Its hard to be nice to someone that is treating you like you a piece of ###.

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  • Yo
    YOUSHOULD Feb 28, 2010

    I agree with lameasses555... Dollar tree employees make minimum wage barely. And you are only paying a buck for what you get... if you want to complain go to a chain that sells high dollar merchandise. Bet you haven't said a word about anything you got at the Dollar tree that was name brand? And if you want a Job at the Tree... why in the world would you ask an employee? They get tired of saying go online to apply... but if you really want to work there, come to my store.. Ill give you a paper app... and set it on the stack of 100000 apps already submitted... you would have a great chance to get hired!

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  • Ef
    efingsimple Feb 05, 2011

    Regardless if a customer is "rude" (and this comes in different forms as one perceives it), the associate (cashier) should not react in a hostile matter (which I doubt he/she did in this case). But I do understand that after awhile enough is enough (I get treated like crap too by customers but never react hostile -- very difficult). As for those items that did not work, you could have easily exchanged them; it's not a big deal. I'm sure their store manager would have been happy to do so. And YOUSHOULD is correct, no one every complains about paying a dollar for name brand items but never says anything positive either. And as far as the job app goes, please do. If you're as good a worker as you think you might be, then you'll do fine even when you go through and see what really goes on behind the scenes. Good luck and I wish you the best.

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store policy which is wrong

I visited this store at belmont, ca My cashier scanned the item twice by mistake. I noticed it when I wa...

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