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Dollar Tree / rude employees

1 Mesa, az, United States Review updated:

I walked into the store carrying my normal purse and a red christmas bag full of items I had purchased from another store in the complex. I was on foot so I didn't have a car to leave my other purchases in. As soon as I walked into the store an announcement was made over the intercom asking security to check sections 2 and 8. I didn't think anything of it as I had no reason to. I went to the back of the store and selected a few bags of chicken nuggets, a bottle of ranch and 2 gatorades to bring home for dinner. Well in the back of the store to employees came back there and started discussing something mundane again I didn't think much of it. Before checking out I decided to look and see if there was anything in the toys that I might want to get my daughter for her christmas stocking. I noticed the same employees close to my vicinity and I also heard another announcement made over the intercom saying security please go to the front of the store. At this point I thought it was kind of weird that the same employees were following me throughout the store and just happened to be calling for security in the sections that I was in but again I had done nothing wrong so I disregarded it. As I was browsing through the christmas section which is near the front door of the store I heard one of the employees that had been following me say to another one who was guarding the door make sure you check her back she's got a big red one and a black one. No one else around me had a red bag and a black one so I knew instantly they were talking about me which angered me. At this point I decided to approach the employees because I felt disrespected and embarrassed. They both kind of stood in front of the doorway and blocking it and I told them that I had heard her comment stating to check both my bags are red one and a black one. They looked at me like they were surprised I had heard what was said but then became hostile so I decided not to purchase those items I put them back on the counter and left to the store. About a minute later I came back into the store to get the names of the two employees who had been following me and talking about checking my bags. A third employee by the name of tina rudely inserted herself into the situation. And the names of the other two employees were candice (she was the one initially blocking the door) and kristie. Kristie was the "ring leader" of it all, the one who had told candice to check my bags, and was the absolute rudest one of them all. After I had asked their names kristie told me I was making a scene. I said excuse me, I clearly heard you tell her to check my bags, a black one and a red one. Kristie replied, youre just making up stories. We cant even check your bags. I said, I know what I heard. Im not deaf or dumb. Then tina pipes up saying actually its store policy that you need to leave your bags at the front of the store. (this policy is not posted anywhere in the store, nor did any employee mention this policy or ask me to leave my bags at the front when I entered or at any point while I was shopping, which I would have done had some one asked me to.) I stated that no one had asked me to leave my bags at the front and theres no sign anywhere, so how was I supposed to know? Then kristie starts yelling exactly no one said nothin to you. So why you making a scene. No one said nothin to you. I was so taken aback by the way I was treated. I was discriminated against and profiled and most likely will not shop at dollar tree again because of this incident. This happened at the dollar tree location on the south east corner of power and main, in mesa, az, 85206. The three employees were kristie, candice, and tina.

Dec 17, 2018
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      19th of Dec, 2018
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    Those 3 employees was only doing their job. They could've been talking about someone else. You should've never acted like you was guilty by assuming they was talking about you. They never approached you, you approached them.

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