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Dollar Tree / praise/compliment for one employee and complaint for store manager

3 Greenville, AL, United States Review updated:

I went to the dollar tree tonight in Greenville,
RI and Cameron had excellent people skills and I received excellent customer service from him. He was efficient at getting balloons, helping me find things in a timely manner and making suggestions when needed. The manager, on the other hand, was rude to Cameron and to myself. I came into the store at 9:50, per cell phone time, due to an unexpected family event. I left the store at 10:03pm. I was served with nothing but a poor, snappy and harsh attitude from the manager. The only reason why I was done at 10: 03 was because I had forgot cups and asked Cameron where they were while he was ringing up my order. I ran back to get them but could not find them since they were on the bottom shelf and could not find the manager to help me. When I got back to the register, I was only greeted with a harsh attitude of her telling me I need to be done and to cut it out at 10: 00. She went on to just yell at me. I told her I couldn't find her to help and she said I am the manger I was back there (meaning in the office). It was almost as if she is the manager so she is not there to help. She went on to continue to be harsh and yelling at me. A person like this should not be in customer service if she treats customers in this manner. Also, she is not being a good leader if she is harsh with customer's for no reason. Life is hard enough, people do not need this unexceptable behavior in their lives. My receipt says I checked out by 10: 00. This happened on 10/26/18 at the Greenville, RI location. My hope is that the treatment from this manager does not happen to anyone else.

Dollar Tree

Oct 26, 2018
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      8th of Nov, 2018
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    I am a 74 year old disabled widow living in Knoxville, TN. I shop when I can get someone to take me in a wheelchair. However, I have a very small gift wrapping business in my home and I had an order that was due to be picked up in just a couple of hours when I realized I did not have enough of the paper and trim the client had requested. I had no one to take me to my favorite Dollar Tree on Washington Pike in Harvest Park area. So, I decided to try to make it on my own with my rollator walker since it has a seat on it for me to sit when I needed to. It weights about 30 pounds and folds to fit into the back seat of my car. I went to the store, managed to get the walker out and into the store with an assist of a customer exiting the store who held the door for me. I shopped as quickly as I could and headed for the checkout. There I found a very friendly clerk named Carolyn, who quickly rang up my purchases. She commented on my choices of some of the colors of my choices. I explained about my gift wrapping and showed her a couple of photos of my work from my phone. No one else was in line at the time. She made sure all the tubes of wrapping paper were tied up with a plastic bag for easy carrying and bagged all my other items. I asked if there was a stock person who could help me get my packages to the car. She immediately volunteered to help. She got told the other clerk she would be back in just a minute. She locked the register, gathered up my packages and opened the door for me. As we walked to the car, she took my keys, opened the car, popped the trunk, unlocked the back doors, put my purchases in the trunk and closed it. She was bringing my keys back to me as I struggled to lift my rollator walker into the car. She stopped me and took right over completing the job. She walked beside me to the drivers side of the car as I held onto the vehicle for support. I was thanking her profusely for her assistance as she put her arm around me and told be anytime I was in the store and needed help, that she expected me to come to her. I was in tears at the generosity and willingness to help a disabled person that this woman showed for me. It is my most imfactic wish that she be recognized for her devotion to her customer and to the term "customer service" from Dollar Tree!!! Please reward this very fine example of a Dollar Tree employee. Her first name is Carolyn and she works at the Washington Pike Harvest Park store. I do not know her last name but please see that she knows I have written to you about her and would you please let me know how she is to be rewarded. I've spent about $235 at various stores of yours but I will always go back to this one, because Carolyn is there!! I'd be willing to bet I'm not the only one whom she has helped!! To whoever hired her...great judge of character!!!
    Mrs. Linda Perry
    E. Governor John Sevier Hwy
    Knoxville, Tn 37914

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