Dollar Tree / manager

I was in one of your stores today here in boise idaho store number 2686 at 973 east parkcenter boulevard I was in your store today your store is not stock the manager is an [censor] he's rude I caught him swearing at a customer called the called the woman a b[censor] and told her if she didn't shut her mouth that he was going to throw her out of the store and all she did is ask him if he was going to come up and help the girl but he refused to help his name is josh he's the manager there when somebody there actually put him in his place and punched him in the face we all made complaints he needs to be fired and he needs to find another job somewhere where he doesn't have to deal with customers he's the rudest person i've ever met somebody needs to do something about it I don't know who the manager is for this or if there is a district manager but he needs to be put in his place and somebody needs to tell him that he is wrong for what he does

Nov 20, 2017

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