Dollar Tree / I was refused service.

Gastonia, NC, United States
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On 5/19/2017 I went into my local Dollar Tree in Gastonia, NC. I've been shopping at this store since its inception. I picked the items I intended to buy and proceeded to the register. I reached a register and asked the cashier if her line was open she looked toward the back of the store as if to see if she could ring the items up. Someone whom I could only see their eyes looked up and said "yeah she's closed." I responded who are you and proceeded to the line in the back of the store. I was conversing with the person whom accompanied me. The cashier attending the register said "excuse me" in a very rude manner, I responded "I wasn't talking to you". She went on to babble something under her breath. I continued to converse with the person who accompanied me to the store. Again, the cashier said' "excuse me" with a more intense tone and I replied "I'm not talking to you" she kept going with the rude talk so I responded again "I wasn't talking to you so you need to shut your mouth." This cashier told me to leave the store where I shop all the time and in front of about three customers told me to "leave her store" and she refused to ring up my order. The two other cashiers were outside smoking cigarettes by this time. As I was leaving I requested to speak to a general manager the cashier replied I'm the manager. I went on to say no your general manager she said he's not here. Finally I said is there a number I could call to make a complaint to the corporate office she replied "no." I put my items on the counter top and left the store. I went back in to get her name and she was on the phone with the so-called general manager, Jason. I got her name and left the store. My time is valuable and I don't appreciate wasting my time with a rude cashier. I would like this matter addressed immediately. The name of the cashier is Buffy Quinn, 2104 W. Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28052 and the store is store #6019. This incident occurred at or around 2:20pm on Friday, 5/19/2017.


May 19, 2017

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