Dollar Treebad place to work. very unprofessional.

N Nov 29, 2017

Hired on September 29th. One of the managers asked me if I wanted to close. I said sure. Walked in on my first day. The manager that trained me had a very bad attitude. She may have been on drugs. The head manager was notified about me not having worked the cash register. She teained me for maybe one hour, I was short $36.00 in 2 days. She gives me a write up. From there, I am treated very badly. I was told I needed to speed up. The quota is 150/83 is what I was helping customers. A man tried to proposition me for more money. Come to find out, he treated another manager very bad. Then some shady activities were going on. I ended up on the hospital for hypertension, because I was so stressed out. My last day was 11/24/2017. On another note: profsnity was used after the customers left from employees. Excond are hired. No screening process.

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