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Dollar General / customers/former employees

1 Towanda, PA, United States Review updated:

Not that I don't agree with some of you, but alot of you are complaining about things that are your fault, like handing a cashier your key, you should know not to do that, it's just common sense, they don't have a key for a reason. Or putting a check for over 300 dollars in as cash. And customers complaining about being told the stopre closes in 3's your fault for waiting until 8:57 to go the store. And by the way, someone posted a complaint that a girl was using your number for price scans and you're short when you work with her...she shouldn't know your number, and it's not her fault that your drawer is short because price scans do nothing to the balance in your drawer, if your drawer is short, either it's your fault, or when your were on your break, she ran on your drawer, which shouldn't be permitted by management, so she be getting in trouble for this, not you.

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  • So
      16th of Apr, 2009

    What if the manager is the one running on your number? They know all of the cashiers numbers and can do whatever they want when you're not there. I know they're not supposed to do that but they do it anyway because they are too lazy to count an extra drawer.

    As for the customers I do agree with that.
    Dear people please don't come into the store 3 minutes before close wanting to do your shopping for a week. After we finally lock the store doors there is still a lot that needs to be done.
    Dollar General customers did you know that if we clock out at 9:37pm we only get paid until 9:30pm? Only seven minutes you say? True but multiply those seven minutes by 2, 3, 4 times a week and after a couple of month it's quite a lot. And if we do stay long enough to get our minutes round up to 9:45pm we get in trouble with the bosses. The more they keep our pay down the more their bonus checks grow and that starts with the store manager on up.

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  • Mo
      1st of Jun, 2009

    Hi I just quit dollar general today actually. I agree with everything that was said. My manager is horrible. I worked at the dollar general on lakeshore in Euclid Ohio. I was coughing a lot at work and when I finally got a day off to go to the doctors (she wouldn't let me take off) They told me that I had strep throat and bronchitis. They gave me a note that said that I must be off for at least two days because I would still be contagious. My manager flipped out and was very disrespectful to me. She is one of those managers that are paid on salary so she doesn't come into work often. She throws all of her work onto us and the assistant manager who by the way is 8 months pregnant and was just hospitalized for being overworked and had to come back to work before the doctor said it was okay.
    The only time Yvette (the store manager) ever pulls long hours is when the main manager is coming in for a visit. Four employees quit on her in the same week and she got 12 customer complaints on her in the month of may alone, those don't even include complaints made on the store or other employees those are just the complaints on her. She should be fired!!! Once you treat your employees like crap for so long, eventually they will all quit on you.

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