Dollar General / service from manager at store #12800 in las vegas nevada

Good Morning,
Last night, 3/30/2017, I had a very upsetting and embarrassing moment at the Dollar General Store #12800. While I was walking around the store I bent to look at something on one of the lowest shelves. I carry with me a travel size Kleenex since my allergies are really really bad. This fell out of my purse as I was bent down. So I picked it up and put it back in my purse and then continued to shop. When I got to the register I asked the cashier for a bag of the gain flings, she went off to grab one and I got ready to check out. The manager stepped up to the register and said, with distain in her voice: "Before we can check you out I was told you were shoving stuff in your purse." I looked at her amazed, for a minute I did not think she was talking to me. Then I managed a What? She continued to look at me angrily. I said: "Are you talking about when my Kleenex fell out of my purse and I put it back in?" I showed her the Kleenex. Ready to tell her to go through my purse since she obviously did not believe me. She simply gave me a dirty look and walked away. There was no apology and not even a nod to acknowledge that she made a mistake. I was so embarrassed and felt dirty even though I did not do anything. I had a basket full of items plus a large package of paper towels. I could not understand why someone would think I would stuff things in my purse when I was buying so much other stuff. I walked out without a word but was really upset all night and continue to be upset today. I pride myself on being a honest person. I think that they should be made aware of how the manager at this store treats people. I did nothing wrong and even showed and explained what happened but received no apology. That is the long and short of it I got no apology for my invalid accusation. I shop at Dollar General quite often I enjoy the stores but this was really bad and has really affected me.
Dollar General Market #12800, 1815 E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV [protected]. 03/30/2017 at 20:55:17

Mar 31, 2017

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