Dollar Generalproduct/service

M Mar 08, 2017

I went to the Dollar General on Primm Road in Colchester, Vermont last week late afternoon and forgot a bag. I called the next morning asking if I left it. The woman Cho checked me out said yes, she remembered me. She didn't know where the bag was but come in with the receipt. After I got out of work I drove back. The first problem I ran into was, I was told by the manager that if a bag is left by a customer, the items get put back on the shelf to be sold again. The second problem was one of the items i purchased was the last one on the shelf. I was told I couldn't be refunded the money because there was no product and that I would have to wait for the shipment to come in and be put away to see if another one would be coming in. So I went in today and sure enough, there are still none.
I'm very very unhappy. I have never heard of product being put back like that without giving the customer the chance to come pick up there stuff. There should also be a way for a manager to order specific items for situations like this. I realize it isn't alot of money I'm talking about but it's just not right.

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