Dollar General / manager at store #11292

Coker, Alabama, US

Last night I went to the Doller General in Coker, Alabama in which I go to several times per week. Last night I went there for some soft drinks, a phone charger and some lollipops for my 12 yr old daughter. I walked in and got a buggy and went to the back right corner of the store where the soft drinks are located. I put some diet Mt. Dew's in my buggy along with a few Dr. Pepper. At the time the power to the store went out as there was a rain storm with high winds outside. At that time I pulled out my cell phone and turned on the flashlight feature so I could see to walk. I was then met by your store manager who's name is Anita I think. She has short brownish/red hair talks very loud and is rude to her Co-Workers. At this point she didn't say anything to me. I continued to walk up front to the cash registers area where I along with another couple for several minutes. I thought while I was right there at the phone chargers I would look for the one I needed since that was on my list for why I was there in the first place. I still had on the flashlight feature on my cell phone and walked about 5 feet to the cell phone charger display and found the one I needed and walked back and put it in my buggy. I stood at my buggy for about 10 more minutes and then walked over to the lollipops. Which is in the candy section at the front of the store by the cash registers and your "manager" is standing guard at the front door and is literally about 7 feet from me. The basket of lollipops are on the top of the display and have a sign that reads 3 for $1.00. So I get a blue, a green and a pink one. I could see the colors because I have my flashlight on remember. I start walking back to my buggy and your "manager" say's. "sir you need to come to the front of the store" in a smart [censor] tone! To which I replied "I am at the front of the store". She then stated it was for my "safety". Which I'm sure is a blanket reply for "so I can see you". I then said " lady I'm 15 feet away from you, ain't none trying to steal these .33 cent lollipops". I then asked her if she wanted all of us to go sit in our vehicles? She replied with another smart [censor] tone "y'all can if y'all want to"! Another 5-10 mins went by and the burglar alarm started going off in the store. Anita responds "I don't know why it's going off, I haven't even turned it on"? I said, "it probably thinks I was trying to steal those .33 cent lollipops like you"! She didn't reply. After a few more minutes went by Anita spoke up and said we all could leave if we wanted to because she did t know when the power was going to come back on. To which we all left and didn't buy anything. I'm telling you this to say. I've never in my life been accused of stealing anything. Not a single thing. If I had any intentions of breaking the law I most certainly would not have worn a t-shirt with the local fire department logo on it for which I work and have for over 20 years. Your "manager" Anita, and I use the word manager very loosely. Is a perfect example of what not to hire as a employee much less be in a supervisor position. She wants everyone in the store to know she's in charge. She is very rude to customers as well as the other employees that are under her authority. During other shopping trips I have witnessed her ordering her Co-workers that they need to go put back the returns and go do this and go do that. All the while the Co-worker is ringing up my purchases. Absolutely ridiculous behavior for a so called "manager". Anita is in no way shape or form manager material and is tottering on the edge of not even being hireable material. The Coker, Alabama store does stay busy because nothing else is out here. But everyone hates going in there because of Anita. She is rude and give Doller General a bad name!

Nov 19, 2017

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