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I shop at store on fair ave 78210 in San Antonio This store is fairly new and there are 2 employees that work only a few days a week. Don't know the names but it's an older white lady fat and short has a loud mouth and another older man white with glasses that was stocking at Time always stares at me through every aisle and lady has seen me before I took my puppy in with me Nd has him in my hands He's is a chiweenie and instead of smiling at me and saying no dogs allowed she comments to another employee ina very ugly tone "Is there a sign on door no dogs allowed ?" The other employee says "no" and she says "well we need one. Only service dogs " find I have my service dog card " that's just rude !!
Then this morning those Same 2 employees were working did the Same thing. Lady made it so obvious staring at me like I'm going to steal. And when I say that it's because she wakes through every isle I walked and started at me waiting on customers and the customer she was waiting on turned to see what she was looking at. Real embarrassing so I went down a couple more aisle to see if maybe I was just thinking that and was wrong and went to $1 section where the man with glasses just stood staring at like to hurry up and I asked him if there was anything I could help him with and he said very rude "I'm working down this area " ok so I moved to next I Aisle and people in line but she wasn't at register And stop at end of aisle so damn obvious that is why she was staring at me so I got upset and threw my things on the pack of sodas right next to her and said " I don't know what the [censored] u staring at but I not want anything " and very quick she told me not go back anymore ! That is rude and upsetting and to tell me not to come back is ugly Nd if she is manager then u need to take look her closely. She is ugly rude and should get another job if she doesn't like the one she has and same goes for dude with glasses !! He followed me outside to see what I was driving I guess. I looked like I just woke up I was buying coffee and deodorant just got paid yesterday and I drive a BMW I had no intentions of stealing and I live 2 blocks from there and I love this stor cause they have everything fresh but if I can't go to store that is ridiculous. There is one manager a black guy who is the coolest of them all and I see him almost every time I go buy those 2 employees need to learn how to really spot a shoplifter. They had videos on YouTube and just because a person is not dressed right can still have money and drive a BMW and I think they are terrible at their jobs. Send those [censored]es to another store. They are ugly and rude and unprofessional!

Aug 04, 2018
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      Aug 04, 2018

    You're obviously up to no good with intent of stealing or you wouldn't be acting like that towards those employees. JS.

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