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This is my story. In April of 08 I started out as a 3rd key on Galion Ohio. I was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager, due to my work ethic and willingness to break my back to get the job done. Later in that year I transferred to Mansfield store #4638, a store that did a third of the volume that I was used to working in, as Assistant Manager there. My fiancé (who became so after I was transferred) was still the manager at 10401, performing at the top or #2 of our district. In April 09 his store, which was first to be Model Store Certified, was chosen to become a perfect store, so for 12 days he worked 10-12 hour days, sometimes over night, hand in hand with the team from Corporate to get the remodel done. The day that it was completed we had a district managers meeting in my current store (4638). My fiancé comes out and says that he has been suspended along with another manager because they couldn’t find a paper trail from the literacy deposits in either store. No money was missing, just no paper trail. Now if you work for this corporation, you are familiar with how much pressure we have put on us to collect literacy, but it just goes in our store deposits, so he had no doubt that they would find out whatever the problem was, fix it, and reinstate him. WRONG. One week later the DM called him and the other manager into another store and fired them for “Misappropriation of Company Funds”. 1st, literacy is NOT a company fund, and 2nd, no lawyer could help them because as managers they were “at will” employees.
Meanwhile, I am still employed at Dollar General in my same position. I assumed that I would be next because by that time my fiancé and I were married, and I assumed that in the companies eyes, my still being there would be a conflict of interest. I inquired a few times but my DM assured me that he had no doubt that I would be a star in this company, and that he had such big plans for me, and that he wanted me in my own store as soon as possible. One week before I was moved to my own store in Ashland #6729, I caught an employee who admitted to stealing at least $1750 from our store alone (she had transferred in from 2 other stores in our district). I then was promoted to Store Manager of store #6729 on May 22, 09. When I got there the store had been without a manager for about 2 ½ months, so it was 8 plan-o-grams behind, and just a mess. The Assistant Manager who has been there 5 years still cannot do a MAAP, and both the Asst. and Lead forced balanced their tills at the end of the night, just sticking any extra monies in an office drawer. Then if they were ever over that’s what they could pull from. The Asst. informed me that it just got to the point that when things were short, there was never any money in the little “till”. I tried to put a stop to this because I knew the extra money was going in someone’s pocket, but up to the day that I left for Managers School in Columbus OH, she was still bringing me her till to count with the forced slip on top.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ashland, OHThe day before I left for school I had made it clear that policies and procedures would be followed, or I would start the counseling process. My third key turned in her keys and walked off of her shift that day.
I started school on 6/15/09 after calling my DM (JIM HIKE), and making him aware of what had happened, and also alerting him that on my weekly statement it showed me short $500+ on a day two weeks prior, and that I was concerned because I had no record of this. It was also a day when my main printer was down, and that my credit/EBT machine was replaced on that side. His response was for me to take the statements to the school and maybe the instructor could explain it. In the meantime I had figured out that it was just that my EBT and credit card deposit had not hit that day. When I called to inform Jim of this for 2 days straight, he would not answer or return my calls.
Yesterday 6/19/09, at the end of my day of class, I was called out and told that I had a visitor. It was Jim Hike and the area Loss Prevention guy, Terry Serb. I was told that before I came to my store, there were NEVER, any transaction voids, and that he had gotten a report yesterday on me that I had done several 8-9, in the last several weeks. I told them that I had not done anything fraudulent because I have the logs from other keys having had to do them as well. Of course I couldn’t remember the details on each receipt, so Terry proceeds to tell me they already know everything except the why. He wanted me to admit to stealing whatever the amount came too, and then just be done with me. Now this store has no camera system, which I have begged for, so there is no way for me, or for that matter, them, to prove or disprove any wrong doing. I wrote a statement for them saying that I would willfully participate in any investigation, and that I felt that I was being discriminated against because I am the wife of a terminated previous manager.
This company has so many fishy practices, and they hide behind the “AT WILL” statement that we all sign at the beginning of our employee handbooks. My husband lost a $3000 bonus and 40 hours vacation. The other manager lost the same. When Terry was done reading my statement (I don’t believe that he knew that I was married to a former employee) he then said that he thought he would have to suspend me.
I have been nothing but faithful to this company, even after all that has happened. I would state under oath that I had nothing to do with any false anything. I find it strange that Dollar General employees a District Manager, who owns a bar that is stocked with Dollar General property, who patronizes and lives with known addicts, and the head is turned the other way. The company car sits in the front of that bar EVERY night.
I want my position back, I want my vacation back, I want my STARS reward (for the arrest of an employee who stole enough to get arrested for a felony) and I want an apology. Any questions or comments you can email me at [protected] Any one involved with the company, I welcome your calls or correspondence.
Jessica Baker

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  • Su
      Jun 20, 2009

    I would think you have good grounds to sue, Jessica. If all you have stated is true, then there are some laws being broken here, "At Will" or no.

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  • Lo
      Jun 23, 2009

    This doesn't surprise me at all. If you feel like you have been discriminated or retaliated against at all, you need to call the EEOC. They will be straight forward with you. They have me. demons.

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  • Tx
      Apr 08, 2010

    betting the corporate at Goldman Sachs and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co [KKR.UL] are not aware that those below mentioned FOUR employees are so abused! "The chains also save on marketing -- basically, by not doing any. They approach labor the same way: Dollar General and Family Dollar employ about four people per store. And all the chains rely on closeout and stock-overrun merchandise for a portion of sales." from May 2004. . . 6 yrs ago and not many changes

    It's all about the DM and up, and even the DM's get the boot VERY often, been a merchandiser in these stores since 2005 and that is longer than any manager OR DM for DG. Am currently under fire for OFFERING and offer accepted to PRAY with/for a very stressed out mgr... AFTER work was complete, BEFORE her store closed, and WHILE she was SITTING in her office, NOT WORKING! I am reported for saying THEY should put out particular merchandise, that I as a merchandiser have NOT done a particular job (because THEY did it themselves, therefore I did NOT get paid for MY job!)
    Merch in TX

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  • La
      Jul 02, 2010

    I completely agree that Dollar General will terminate employees for no real valid reasons. I was a store manager for 81/2 years. I felt like this was the job I loved and the company I wanted to stay with for the rest of my life. There were upsets as in any job but overall I did enjoy it a lot. My inventories in my store were under 1.5% for the last few years. I felt like I was bringing the store into a good direction. I did have problems with my asst mgr. He never really got everything done that he was supposed to. I had asked my district managers for cameras every year to help me keep an eye on everything while I was off. I never got cameras. When your store does over a million dollars in sales and the economy is in turmoil and you can only have single coverage every day because you dont have the payroll hours then you know to expect a leap in theft percentages. I fully expected mine to be higher this year, just didnt expect to be fired for "failure to protect company assets". I was told by asset protection that it is all internal. Every employee was fired or suspended for theft. Only two employees admitted to taking something and paid for the item the next day. Left wallets at home or didnt have the cash on them or something. Not everyone was fired the same day which is what really makes no sense to me. The asst mgr and 3rd key were the first to go then 10 days later I was fired after working double shifts every day for those ten days trying to get the store through Christmas. 3 months after I was fired asset protection came in and 3 more people lost their jobs- one of them quit due to stress. How can they possibly fire for failure to protect company assets when they dont give us what we need to protect the assets? Cameras and more payroll so we arent by ourselves would be a good start. My store was robbed in August - the alarm didnt go off because the phone lines were cut so whoever did it had time to take anything and that time of year with all the stock we get in it could be unnoticed. I think they need to rethink how they set up the matrix so we arent in the stores alone and all stores should have cameras. After being fired I had talked to employees and found out that my asst always let them leave before he did. Always said he had to finish up paperwork- which he never touched the paperwork. I had to wait 31/2 months for unemployment to go through because it was denied. I was so far behind on bills and stressed because of it. I think the company could treat the employees so much better after all that we have done for them over the years. I didnt get my full pay on my last check even though my DM said I would. I had 39 hours in when I was terminated and still dont know how they figured up my last check. But not stressed any more trying to keep a store in order on minimal hours!

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  • Ma
      Sep 30, 2010

    Im a store manager ...Im currently under suspension pending was said in our last meeting that they are firing anybody and everybody for anything and everything...Ok i will admit I did have someone in my store that wasnt a DG employee helping me. My DM told me to do what I had to do to get the job done, NO other stores had extra people to lend, no good apps, and i was running 200-300 under payroll a week WHAT A WASTE!! Any store manager would agree, ya'll would die for that right?? Anyways, there was NOTHING stolen from the store, I have camaras to prove that, during the conversation with LP, wait I failed to mention my DM had "quit" 2 days prior, who knows what really happened, ok...LP...he stated to me and I quote "So if I contact "DMs NAME" and remember I still have his number, he will tell me he said it was ok for you to work a non-DG employee?" I said "NO, he told me to do what I had to do to get the job done" so I did..YES its 110% against policy but either way if my store wasnt done I was losing my job, and if I got caught working the nonDG-employee I was losing my job. However, with the statement he made, contacting my former DM, means he would be discussing DG with a non-DG employee??? HMMMMMM 2 wrongs dont make a right...Our region is well I dont know how to explain it, but I will say when you have around 9 DMs w/ the RM, also around 150 employees cleaning up 7 stores in a 48 hr time frame for a Kathleen visit, lets just put it out...would it be safe to say Renting Uhaul trucks and putting rolltainers FULL of product in them, taking them to a disclosed location for 24-48 hrs (until Kathleen was back home) WITHOUT a outgoing transfer AGAINST POLICY??? That could fall under employee theft, it was removed from stores by DMs w/ RMs permission...ok so it was brought back...I saw it leave, but never saw it return...So I will lose my job for struggling in a store that cant keep a manager...I run a perfect store before I agreed to take this one...never any problems (after I got it model) I was one of the lucky ones...and DMs and RM will keep their...I see a problem w/ this...Not to mention that LP went outside and YELLED at one of my employees she wasnt even clocked in...I just dont get it guys...

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  • Sg
      Sep 07, 2011

    I am going through a similar situation. I am calling HR everyday because I was terminated without knowing about it. I have been collecting unemployment and now they are saying I may have to pay it all back because DG terminated me without telling me.

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  • De
      Jan 03, 2017

    I am a previous employee of Dollar General. I worked there since May, 2013. I was recently fired. The reason was because of failure to protect company assets. I was a key holder and I often closed the store nightly . My store manager claimed that I forgot to close the door to the safe. And even though all of the money was there including the tills, change fund and the deposit I was fired for leaving the safe door open. When I watched it on CCTV I couldn't determine that the door was open. Due to it being black and the store lights are on a timer and go off at 10:07 pm nightly. It was impossible to see the safe door. When I spoke to the district manager he said that when he reviewed CCTV he couldn't see the dial on the outside of the safe door. And he assumed that the door was open. He then proceeded to tell me that I no longer worked for the company. This was on December13th, 2016. Right before the holidays. Truly a bad time to be unemployed. They don't seem to appreciate when they have good people working for them. It's now January 2017 and I'm still unemployed. If you're looking for a job that expects you to work miracles for them and then your fired without any proof then Dollar General is the place for you. They should all be fired for false advertising. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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  • Sc
      Jun 19, 2017

    Same story here. They harassed me over adjusting a price to match THEIR ad. They claimed it was a mistake that everyone knew about but failed to tell us. Needless to say, they retaliated after I said I was being harassed. Then everyone in management went against me because I said harassment was going on in our store to all the employees. I was forced to quit, now they are trying to sue me for a weird $350 for adjusting prices out of their own ad for the customers to honor THEIR OWN AD!!! Bunch of losers. Kevin Wagner is the DM and he covers up all the nonsense and protects this store manager so she can scream and yell at everyone. She's told me numerous times how worthless the employees are with very colorful language. I got tired of and told her to stop so then she started in on me and tried firing me. When I brought it up to the DM he said it was nonsense, then I'm harassed the next day at work by him and loss prevention claiming I was wrong for adjusting prices to match their own ad that wasn't ringing up right. These people need investigated big time!

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