Dollar General / condition of the entire store.

Johnsonville, United States

I am making a complaint against our Dollar General the new one maybe two months old now and since day one it has been filthy. The old store was just as bad. They will bring products from the back totes and boxes and carts full of them and they block the aisles so we can't get to the product that we need so therefore we have to end up leaving and going across to Fred's who has them very very at fantastic store. Fred's manager make sure their stores clean the owls are always clear nothing's ever out of the way and every thirty two products are neatly on the Shelf constantly someone is always working the floor to make sure everything is put up in this right place. However Dollar General is not like that I mean their store is ridiculous and I know they don't clean the manager said she didn't get paid enough to do that and the other worker said it wasn't a part of their jobs they weren't doing it either says they pull the stuff out from back leave it in the aisle for at least a week and it's aggravating trying to go to a store and you can't get to any of the products. I know for a fact from working through Driveline that they have a meeting and I get together and clean the store the night before the district manager is to come in and check everything out cuz it's clean when they show up but as soon as I leave it ends. I have a few videos I'm going to post for y'all to see how nasty the store is thanks.

Sep 25, 2017

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