Dollar Generalcashier rude

I visited the dollar general in Waynesboro, Pa on Saturday and the cashier was very rude, she acted stressed out as my card didn't work in the credit card machine. She first said I have to reset the card reader . Then she said I have to take other customers on other register, then proceeds to scream for a other worker to come up then saying I don't know what he is doing . Then coming back to my register she try's it again . There was some stickiness on my card from the bank sticker so she blamed that for the reason . I said did it take my digital coupons . She said yes it did . I thought it didn't due to I was counting the amount I was buying . So the receipt said only .50. Cents taken off . She said well I'll have to return everything and re ring it . I said ok ! She said so that's what you want . I said yes, so she said I'll have to take customers before you . So in a few minutes the guy took me and I started unloading a full cart of bagged items. He said no that's ok, and gave me the $5.00 . Then I heard a new person coming in to work, she said to her how stressed she was and she said the machines have been resetting and causing problems all day . So I assume my card wasn't the problem . But I worked in the restaurant field and customer service 30 years and this is not the job for this girl . I didn't get her name. She was blondish hair and high strung . I'll take a picture of the receipt as I recieved the $5.00 coupon in cash . This dollar general was on Anthony Hwy Waynesboro, Pa

Dollar General

Jul 30, 2018

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