Dollar General / air conditioning during hot weather months

glasgow, KY, United States

All Dollar general stores in Glasgow, KY need the air conditioning turned way down so that it is cooler in the building. There are customers, employees, and vendors that are complaining everyday. It is so hot in these stores that you are wiping sweat off as your shopping or as you are working. This is ridiculous to be in a business that has money and they can't turn the air conditioning down so that the employees or vendors or the customers don't have a year stroke. I am a vendor for Dollar General and I take a shower in my own sweat as I am in these buildings because it is ridiculously hot in them. This is why so many employees quit because Dollar General does not have respect, but I bet the ones sitting in that corporate desk is cool as can be making bug money while the slaves inside the retail stores are on verges of heat strokes. Maybe one day if someone had a heat stroke in a store then y'all might turn the air conditioning down!

May 20, 2018

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