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Dish Network / ppv porn unordered

1 MI, United States Review updated:

I have looked at others complaints about Dish, and wish I had looked in here sooner.

Some months ago, my Dish bill, which should have been around $80, was over $277. There were numerous porn movies ordered on my account. I did not order them. Unlike other people in here, I called the customer service, and I didn't have a bad experience. The operator looked at the bills, assured me they were legit, but as she looked she noticed that 4 or 5 were ordered in a 20 minute time period. Even she thought that was odd. She came up with some lame "My dog sat on my remote control" excuse and removed the charges. I put an entry code on my remote, and thought that would be that.

A few months later it happened again, this time only 4 movies, but one was ordered on a day I was not home. I also called about these, and again the charges were removed with no hassle. However, I changed my account so that you have to call in and pay for movies ahead of time. When my wife found out I did this she was furious, and not fully believing my story. I admit my marriage was in trouble before this, but Dish network has added to my problems; my wife is talking divorce.

Thanks dish network.

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  • Mu
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    Let me get this straight, you are blaming Dish Network for your porn addiction? If you weren't busy jerking off you wouldn't have ordered 4 movies at once.

  • Co
      26th of Jul, 2010
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    As I said, I did not order ANY porn movies at all - believe it or not. and ask yourself Mustang when was the last time you ordered 4 porn movies in 20 minutes, or ordered one on a day when you were not home. Thanks for being a smart alec.

  • Vi
      13th of Aug, 2010
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    1. I have been a Dish Network customer for 12 years.
    2. I live in both Oregon and California.
    3. When in Oregon I have Dish add local Oregon Channels, but when I spend time in California I have Dish remove Oregon local channels and add California local channels. They charge a fee for adding and removing although they have waived the fee on occasion.
    4. When Television stopped transmitting an analog signal, I purchased a digital TV and when I was in California I did not add local channels but received most of them. However, as it was unreliable because of the distance I live from the transmitters, I finally asked Dish to add the local California channels. They did, and they charged me a fee.
    5. In a few days I started getting a message stating that I was not authorized to receive this (local) channel. The message would disappear, the channel would work fine for a few minutes and the message would re-appear.
    6. I called Dish and they would tell me that I need to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $15 or I would have to pay $95 for a service call. I would ask to speak to a supervisor and in short order the problem was corrected.
    7. This lasted a day or two and I would have to call again, get the same demand for a $15 monthly maintenance fee, talk to a supervisor and have my local channel problem resolved.
    8. I made seven calls in three weeks. Finally I refused to pay the additional maintenance charge and had them remove local channels.
    9. I believe that they are using the congressional legislation that change analog to digital to obtain additional fees called a maintenance service plan. This is their equipment. It has been for twelve years. I should not have to pay to service their equipment.
    10. I do not object to a program fee, but the maintenance fee is clearly fraudulent. They have total control of the signal. Whatever the supervisors did to establish a signal is proof of this control.
    11. Generally when there is a technical problem, a service technician troubleshoots the problem. When I called, there was no trouble-shooting, merely a demand that I pay for a maintenance program.
    12. DISH was sued successfully for $5 in 2004 and promised to disclose fees in the future. There current agreement and no agreement in the past twelve years does NOT make reference to this fee.
    It is my intent to file a class action suit against them to address my issue and hopefully bring them to task for the other issues found on this and other complaint forums. I am on gmail if you wish to provide similar information.

  • Am
      19th of Dec, 2010
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    I am in Indiana. I just found out on 11/2/10 someone charged 4 adult movies to my account, plus 2 more a month apart. 6 movies at $14.99. I called stating this could not be possible. They created a block of somekind so it cannot happen again. I posted on facebook about this error and I had unbelievable responses that this has happened to several people who had dish. I do believe this is scam on the part of dish network. I will investigate further. If anyone else had this happen, please post. It may be needed in future proceedings.

  • Sa
      5th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    First, your neighbor can't "splice in to your line". The signal going into the house from the dish is a digital signal that has to be decoded. Next, dish gets thousands of these calls from "innocent" customers, which may or may not be legitimate. Finally, the most likely cause is that you have a neighbor with Dish Network that has a remote working on the same frequency or "address" as your remote. He orders his entertainment but inadvertantly also orders it on your receiver. It happens a lot in apartments and condominiums, or in neighborhoods where the houses are very close to one another. Whether or not your wife believes it, you could have easily been a victum of this problem. It can be solved simply by changing the remote address on your receiver. Be careful to do it correctly or you may change your neighbors receiver too!

  • Sa
      5th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Dish Network is a public company. They are under constant scrutiny like all big companies. Wise up. There is nothing to your "conspiracy theory". You are just another uninformed individual living in the technology age that needs to blame someone for your unawareness. These days in America, it's always someone elses fault.

  • Mi
      12th of Jul, 2011
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    I came across your post and wanted to offer some help! I see we had an issue of some adult programs ordered on your account awhile back that you don't believe you had authorized. Have you been able to discuss this situation with any of our agents? In the event that you haven't, I encourage you to let me know so I can look further into it and get us to an appropriate resolution!,

    After reviewing your post, I would enjoy the opportunity to assist you with that issue! Are you still seeing that pop-up message? If you are, what channel does it show on? Also, have you had a technician come out to your home since you posted this? If so, what did he do when he was there?

  • Un
      26th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Come on now, quit trying to sneak in a porno movie so wife won't catch you. Pay your bill, quite watching those movies, and it'll all work out. LOL

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