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Dish Network / dishonorable business practices

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(I've sent this to the BBB, Attorney General's office and a few newspapers. I want to get the word out)

I have been a customer of Dish Network company for over five years. I telephoned them on February 21, 2007 (yesterday) and asked if I had a standing commitment to continue service with them. The employee I spoke with put me hold, checked my records, came back on the telephone and informed me that I did not. I asked again, “Are you sure? I need to positively verify this as I am planning to enlist the services of another satellite company and intend to cancel your service.” The employee further assured me that I did not have any commitment with them any longer.

With that information supplied to me by Dish Network, which I trusted to be truthful and correct, I arranged for another satellite company to come to install their system, which they did today, February 22, 2007.

After the other company finished installing their satellite equipment and left my home, I telephoned Dish Network to cancel my account with them. The first person, with whom I spoke, verified apparent notes on his computer, that indeed I do not have a commitment with them. However, they needed to transfer my call, or so they said, in order to cancel my service. I was put on hold for a very long time, approximately 30 or 40 minutes until they caused the telephone to disconnect.

I called back. After waiting on hold for what seemed an eternity, listening to repetitious music, they then informed me that I have a commitment with them for another six and a half months and if I cancel, I will owe them $13.33 per month remaining in that time frame, which amounts to $86.65.

I objected, naturally, informing them of my telephone conversation yesterday with one of their employees. I went through the whole story again with someone else. (You can never talk to the same person twice) I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold again for approximately twenty minutes. Altogether, I was on the telephone for approximately an hour and a half and all to no avail. I was told, point blank, that no supervisors were responding.

Therefore, I explained the whole story again to yet another employee. This time, they denied having any notes that someone told me that I was not under any obligation to continue their service.

I again reiterated that they should honor the information that one of their employees gave me, regardless of whether I have six and a half months left of obligation to them. They refused to honor that. I explained that had I been given accurate information, I would not have arranged to connect with this other company yet. And still, they held fast.

They also demanded that I pack up their receiver boxes and satellite dish in boxes that they will send me by UPS. Then I am to take them to the UPS office and mail their equipment back to them. If I fail to do this, there will be an exorbitant monetary penalty. I am dumb struck as to why I should have to do their work for them, using my time and effort to package these items. I am a senior citizen and I am appalled at their aggressive behavior.

To sum it up, although I may have had a commitment with them and I had nothing in writing about the telephone conversation, (big mistake that I should know better than to make)I feel that Dish Network displayed very dishonorable, immoral and despicable business practices. These practices clearly manifest themselves in this company’s mistreatment of customers, with untruthful, incorrect and inconsistent information, resulting in my having to pay for two services for another six and a half months. Had I received a straightforward answer yesterday, that I am indeed committed for another six and a half months, I would not have signed up with the other company until those six and a half months were past. I am extremely displeased with this ineffective and dishonorable company.

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  • Jo
      13th of Jun, 2010
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    Dish networks' company policy is shifting toward less response to customer complaints. They have several formulas they use to figur how much they are accepted as ok by most customers and therefore how much they can ignore others and let them fall by the wayside. Any custoemr service rep that spends too long actually trying to sort out one of their horrendous [censor]ups is counseled severely to not spend so mych time on the phone. There are hundreds of sales reps--most contracted out--that are ignorant and/or greedy enough to just outright misinform the customers to get them off the phone, and then front line agents who are too poorly trained to deal with the complaints so that the problems get bigger, mand about the third or fourth time you call you finally get someone who knows what they are doing but they end up spending the time to help out but get punished for spending the time! The Phillipines agents get paid about 1/4 as much but it takes 3 of them to do the job right that one good agent could have done the first time. Phillipines probably don't get the bennefits either. Not to mention the Indian agents. Starting today, if you call for tech support after midnight you will be talking to someone in India or the Phillipines. Good Luck!

  • Jo
      16th of Jun, 2010
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    I ordered Dish last Tuesday (June 8) and was billed $26 for the first month (free installation). I agreed to $26/month until the 2nd year. I was supposed to have them install on Friday between 12-5. They called at 5:30 pm and said it would be more like 8:30 pm. I waited until 9:30 pm and called customer service. They told me they were going to put a not on my account to set up service in the morning (the next day, Saturday).

    I called Saturday morning to see what time they were coming out and they claimed they had no available slots. After dealing with them for about 45 minutes I, reluctantly, agreed to have them come out the next day (Sunday) from 8-noon. At 12:30 with no call and no show I got on the phone again with customer service. They told me they would not be available today and nothing was set up in their computer for installation. I was then transferred two or three times, spoke to a "supervisor" and they said on my account there was a note that I refused service on Saturday! The day they told me they had nobody avaialbe. I was stunned. I have never dealt with a company like this before.

    I was then transferred again to cancel my account. The woman offered me 2 months free service and I declined. She said I would be reimbursed my $26. I just spoke with them online so I could print of the conversation and the woman assured me I would be reimbursed and that I will not have any outstanding fees. I am nervous after reading all of these complaints that they will try and debit my account.

    NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH DISH! I wish I would have done a little more research before signing up with them.

  • Bi
      27th of Jun, 2010
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    Dish Network SUCKS and I am fixing to call the better business bureau on monday about my account!!!

  • Bi
      27th of Jun, 2010
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    Dish Network called me a week ago to see when I would making my payment, I have been a valued customer since 2005 and even before that. They have been playing this little game of switch the price game to my monthly bill long enough, plus I am supposed to be getting a military discount AND I AM NOT! The last thing that has me going is that I get paid every month from Army, and I have told these people that as soon as I get my check I will pay it up but they always turn it off right before I get paid so that I have to pay the late fee and or reconnect fee. Well GUESS WHAT IT ISN'T GOING TO BE LIKE THAT AGAIN I WILL CONTACT BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ON MONDAY AND WE WILL SEE ABOUT ALL THESE FEES!!!

  • Fr
      27th of Jun, 2010
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    wow. so many unhappy customers. direct tv will be pleased.

  • Bl
      10th of Aug, 2010
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    Dish Network is crooked and there should be a class action suit against them! They have poor business practices and flat out lie.
    In 2004 I leased 2 receivers and a dish on a promotion they were having for first time customers. Dish Network handled the set up. A couple of months later I PURCHASED 2 receivers which came with a dish as a kit. I set up the receivers myself. A year later my home was broken into while I was on vacation. The thieves took one of the leased receivers on one of the purchased receivers. I called dish to have the stolen receivers deactivated. Since I did not know the RO numbers of the receivers I told the customer rep (from New Delhi) what the RO numbers were on the 2 receivers that I still had. The rep looked up the other 2 receiver numbers on my account and gave them to me for the police report and to deactivate them so they could not be used. I then went out and PURCHASED 2 receivers to replace the ones taken of which one was a leased receiver and one was a purchased receiver. I called to have them activated and was told I would have to pay for the stolen receiver. I told the rep that I already had and I gave him the number of the one I just purchased. I was very frustrated when he told me that 2 receivers were leased and I would have to pay for them. He spoke in such broken english I could barely make out what he was talking about so I asked for his supervisor. Her english was not much better but she explained that each receiver is different and they cannot just trade. Fine I told her, I will pay for the stolen receiver. She said her records indicated that 2 leased receivers were stolen. We argued for about half an hour until I gave in and paid with a credit card for both receivers, even though one was mine.
    They then transferred me to tech support and hooked up the 2 new receivers that I purchased. So now, technically, I had one leased receiver, 3 purchased, and now had just paid for 2 that did not exist.
    A couple of years later Dish Network sent out smart cards with instructions on how to install them and that it was important that each card be installed in the receiver that matched its serial number.
    I followed the instructions and continued service.
    In January of 2010 I unplugged 2 receivers that I was not using any more. In Feb I get an email saying that Dish Network was sending me a box for me to return their equipment since I had breached the contract by turning them off. After I received the box I called the customer service dept to straighten this out and explained the whole thing again from the purchase, robbery to the unplugging. I thought that I had a good rep this time. She spoke perfect english and she went through each receiver number by number with me. I told her how I had already paid for the stolen receivers and what a hassle it was. I decided to disconnect since the box was here. She talked me into going on a "vacation hold" in which I pay 5 dollars a month to keep the service active. At the end of 6 months it would re-activate automatically and I would be again billed for it. Since I was paying for 2 leased receivers I decided to go on the vacation hold and return the 2 that Dish Network claimed were leased. She gave me the numbers of the receivers to return one did not match the email Dish Network sent me. I was told not to worry about that. I did exactly as she directed including returning the remote controls. Everything was packaged and sent back as instructed. A few days later I received an email confirmation for equipment returned with the RO numbers. I was left with 2 receivers and a $5 a month hold. I paid it for 2 months then received a bill for over $200. I called customer service and was bounced around for 2 hours. Finally someone higher up the food chain came on the line and said I was being billed for not returning the equipment. We were then cut off. I called back and got a rep. I explained the whole story to him even giving him the phone name of the rep who helped me earlier in the year. He could have cared less. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was cut off. I called back and got another rep, repeated the same thing, got the same response, asked for a supervisor, got cut off.
    After a couple of days I called back again, explained everything again and was told that the computer showed I did not return the original equipment and that is what I am being billed for. I became angry and told the rep to discontinue my $5 a month service and cancel my account.
    A day or two later I get a notice that a box is being delivered to pick up my equipment. I looked at the RO numbers and one was for the receiver I had already returned and the other was for one I never had.
    I called customer service again to find out what was going on. I was bounced around for two hours until a supervisor in one of the departments explained in broken english that I gave dish network the wrong numbers when my house had been burglarized and would still be responsible for the equipment loss. One of the reps I had spoke to earlier in the month told me I would need to produce proof of payment for the stolen equipment from 2005. I searched high and low to see if I could find any statements or credit card receipts to no avail. I did however, find the original dish network contract for the 2 leased receivers. So I was able to give the supervisor I was speaking with, the original dish numbers and tell her I had confirmation that dish had received one of them. SHE DID NOT CARE!! But I have a contract, I argued. It gives the numbers of the leased equipment. At the very worst case I should only pay for one receiver even though I shouldn't! She told me unless I produced the 2 receivers I would be billed for lost equipment. I tried to reason with her that I have a receipt from dish for one of the receivers and the other one dish demanded back, I never had. She became almost as agitated as I was. My wife was sitting in the office during all of this, she was reading the documentation and could not believe that a customer service company would treat customers this way, especially ones that have been with them for so long and put up with so much.
    Since they have my SS number and will turn me over to collection I have no choice but to pay them for the equipment. I know that after I do this they will bill me again and again for more fees missing parts, etc. I have a feeling this nightmare is only beginning. If you are not a dish customer yet, DON'T BECOME ONE! It is better not to watch tv than to deal with this kind of unscrupulous business.

  • Ho
      13th of Aug, 2010
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    Here's one for the books. My brother passed away in June I have done the right thing and contacted Dish Network even faxed in the power of attorney and death cert. Ended up faxing it 3 times to the same Executive Care Department. This has been the process since July 24th. Now today Aug 13th I have found out that the 7 agents I have talked to lied to me. They stated that switching the account to my SS# wouldn't be a problem. Now Im told they have to cancel the account ( my brothers) which sure I understand but I have to drive 8 hours away and take the equipment out of his house and have it reinstalled w/possible installation fees into the same house I am supposed to take it out of. This is the most craziest thing. Not only do I have to emotionally pull myself together to do what they want I have to drive 8 hours to my brothers house which I am keeping to tear out the equipment and return it within 2 weeks of the cancellation. What kind of company is this? The supervisor at the Executive Care Dept also had the nerve to ask me why am I keeping the service if he is dead? WHAT!!! Then another supervisor told me a story about how if I was to lease a truck and died then the heirs would have to return it and requalify for the same lease. Once again I am struck speechless with the uncaring, demoralizing attitudes of these supervisors. I work for a major airline and would never talk to someone who lost a loved one like that. Trying to get the name of the CEO is a whole issue altogether apparently they have strict instructions not to release any information on the coporate executives and how to contact them. Thank goodness for the internet. But my question is why would Dish Network want to take the chance of loosing a paying customer when all they have to do is switch the equipement numbers over to my account which the 1 supervisor said would be in question as to if I was even qualified for. Well Dish Network I am sorry that my brother dying was an inconveince to you and your staff. I just wanted to keep the service in honor of my brother with as little disruption to my family as possible. I am willing to keep paying for the service as now the property is my summer home and future retirement home.

    I hope that someone from Dish Network Reads this blog.

  • Ch
      17th of Sep, 2010
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    Mr. Ergen:
    I want to bring a potentially damaging situation involving Scott Brashear (sp) in Dispatch to your attention:

    At 1430, on August 11, 2010, I received a call from Scott Brashear, regarding a Dispatch Supervisor role, for which he asked me to come in at 1000 the following day for "assessment testing". I advised Mr. Brashear that I'd taken some assessments for Dish Network in early 2010, and he reassured me that these were "different tests", and that I needed to complete them. Due to the short notice, he apologized. He then asked me a series of behavioral and technical questions, said he was pleased with my responses, and said he'd see me the following day. He did not provide a contact phone number, but told me to ask for him once I arrived at the River Front Center in Littleton.

    The next morning, I arrived at 0945, announced myself at the lobby desk, and then patiently waited for Mr. Brashear. The receptionist told me that she had called him, and that he would be out shortly. Within a minutes, I saw a male Dish Network employee escorting a female visitor to the glass walled area behind the lobby desk. I continued waiting for Scott.

    At 1035, I approached the front desk again and asked if Mr. Brashear was still going to be able to meet with me, and I also mentioned that he said I needed to take an "assessment test". The receptionist said Scott was the only one who could give the approval for the testing, and told me she would check with him. She then left the area for about 5 minutes and returned saying that he would be out shortly.

    During the next 30 minutes, I continued to see the same male Dish Network employee escorting visitors in and out of the area behind the lobby desk. I also overheard him say individually to visitors, "Okay, thanks for coming in. We'll get back to you regarding the position." The male employee played out this scenario with another 3 candidates over the next 40 minutes.

    At 1110, I considered that Mr. Brashear was probably too busy to see me that day, so I asked the receptionist if she could let him know that I would come back at another time if that was more convenient for him. The receptionist left the lobby and then returned to tell me that Scott would be out shortly.

    At 1120, I saw the same male Dish Network employee who had been going in and out of the lobby area. However, this time he stood next to the lobby desk and stared at me for about 30 seconds. He then slowly walked towards me and said, "Suzanne?" I stood and extended my hand, introducing myself. He told me he was Scott Brashear.

    Scott continued looking me up and down, and then flagrantly said, "I'm caught up in an important management meeting and snuck away to see you for just a moment." However, I watched him over the preceding 90 minutes enter and exit the lobby with at least 5 employment candidates.

    I said, "Is this a bad time for you to meet with me?"

    He answered, "Well, let's do it."

    I asked him what he meant, and he said, "Let's reschedule the assessments and our meeting."

    I told him I had time during the remainder of the week, and he said, "Good. Let me call you and arrange something." Unfortunately, he has never called back.

    I tried to reach him, but was told he doesn't have a phone. I then called the main number 303 723 1000, and was instructed to contact "4" Security and ask for Recruiting. I got through to that department and was told that the message would be given to Scott Brashear, who works in Dispatch. The woman in Recruiting aske which recruiter had initially contacted me regarding the Supervisor position, and I explained that Scott was the only person who had called. She said, "That's strange. Usually, Recruiting contacts people and then sets up testing and interviews." (That has also been my experience in the past with Dish.)

    Mr. Ergen, I have been out of fulltime work for quite some time, and really looked forward to interviewing for the Dispatch Supervisor role. However, Scott Brashear has removed all hopes of that happening. I suspect he called me in to see what I looked like, didn't like my appearance and then lied to me, saying he was in an "important" management meeting when, in fact, he was interviewing other candidates and parading in front of me not realizing who I was. Even though I am an exemplary team player, am highly organized and detail oriented, I've given up all hope of ever working for Dish, and just hope that you will have a few words with Mr. Brashear regarding his questionable attitude towards others.

    I don’t have much hope that he’ll change his ways, but perhaps it can help Dish Network down the road.

  • Jo
      17th of Oct, 2010
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    I ordered Dish Network and they came to my house between 10am and 1pm. I was not home since I KNEW I would be on vacation. I called and re-scheduled. Again, on the appointed day, I was not home. They charged my credit card the monthly rate even though I did not have the equipment installed yet. Since I work for the credit card issuing company, I went into the batch-ncc account and backed-out the charge on my credit card and CREDITED my credit card $250.00. I then changed my account to LOST CARD and re-sent this into the system.

    A week later, I did allow the installer to install the equipment. Since I am not "American" looking, I acted as if I did not speak english very well. It took the installer THREE hours since I was asking dem to repet what they say.


    I got my bill for $95 for installing and the monthly charge notice as well as a mention that I need to update my credit card.

    A week later I found my new card in the mail from the credit card company.

    I called the credit card company and cancelled this NEW card. Cancelled my account all together.

    I called DISH and told them I was cancelling. They told me they were going to charge me $400 to early terminate my account. I told them to go ahead and charge me. They mentioned the credit card was bad. They asked for a new account to use. I put them on hold.

    A week later they sent me a letter. I called. I put them on hold.

    They sent me a threat letter that they are going to turn this over to collections.

    They are asking for their equipment back. They sent me UPS boxes. I placed baby diapers (used) and a dead squirell in one box and dog poop in the other.

    I called the PICKUPS and they picked it up.

    A collection company sent me the standard letter. I called them. I worked with them and then asked if I could put them on hold.

    The collection company sent a second letter saying they are going to damage my credit.

    I had given them a bogus social that banks use to test certain systems so they will find they cannot damage anything.

    I sold the DISH equipment at a flea market to a dude who can hack them and get FREE Dish.

    I made $100.

    DISH network made me $500.00

  • Fo
      6th of Dec, 2010
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    I've had Dish Network for years and years now and never had any trouble like you all are complaining about. Every time we've had problems with the service we get a very nice person in the tech support section -- of course they read you the script and have you try everything you've already tried before while they wait on the line. I have only the basic package with local channels added. No HD or anything of that sort, so maybe that is why I'm having pretty good luck. No you all have me paranoid that things are going to start going to Hell. I sincerely hope that is not the case.

  • Mt
      6th of Jan, 2011
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    I completely agree.. They tried the same exact thing with me and now I am getting billed for incredibly high shipping bills for thier equipment. They left a huge hole in my house and the equipment is on the ground outside! BE AWARE OF DISH NEWWORK!!!

  • Jm
      4th of Feb, 2011
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    last year my boyfriend and i got dish. that was the begining of one of our biggest nightmares.
    after having dish tell us we would be set up with an agreeable package for 24.99 a month and free instalation we set an appointment.
    the installer came out took a look and told us we would need 100 dollar deposit then charged us for instalation and on top of that our monthly rate was going to be higher as well. regaurdless we got hooked up.
    three months later we moved and where told we would have free dish mover. needless to say they then wanted to charge us 100 dollars for moving even though we reset and alligned the dish ourselves.
    we cancled our service with them on the first of the month. yet still dish refuses to close our account with them until the middle of the month all the while charging us for the service. on top of all that they are trying to tell us that we have to pay them another 315 dollars for who knows what.
    the whole thing has added to my grey hair and redused my nails to bloody little stumps.
    we all need to come together in a big class action law suite against these modern day but just as ruthless pirates.

  • Gr
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    Dish network is awful I purchased their HD package this week and I am totally disappointed in it...You cannot use your VCR with thier system. their picture quailty is not as good as Directv's without HD ( what does that tell you about Dish?) they want about 200 bucks to cancel...what happened to teh 3 day right to cancel that ALL states had in force as well as the US had? What is going on here? Has Dish Network found a way to "cheat" and obtain money illegally? I mean come on...if your service isn't up to par you should remove your equipment with no questions asked ( within the 3 day period anyway) Directv runs circles around Dish Network...I ma sorry i am stuck for 24 months, BUT Charlie Ergan ( or ergen however it is spelled) I can promise you this sir I will tell everyone I meet about your sorry service and how you steal people's money...How can you sleep well at night knowing all the people like me you have ripped off, claiming your service is better than directv? You sir are no where close to Directv..and the way you keep going, you never will be...Downloading every 24 hours? what is that? receiver turning off right in the middle of watching a program just because you haven't "touched" the remote in a couple of hours Directv NEVER does any of that!! NEVER EVER...Dish Network is a JOKE and we the public have to pay for it!~!!!

  • Ly
      4th of Mar, 2011
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    It was good to find that other people are as discouraged by the very poor and very timing consuming customer service of this company. We didn't have service for over a month; we live 30 miles out of town in the mountains. They didn't install our dish to sustain the winter weather. Once a repair agent came out - which one of us had to stay home from work to meet with, the reception has been fine ever since. The company would only credit us for the days they had documented and only at a partial rate. Factor in a days loss of wages for my husband to meet with this repair service it was an expensive decision to agree to this service. We in essence payed for a service we couldn't access due to their installation failure. The representative was rude and it was apparent that my satisfaction was not the priority. I am tied into a ridiculous 2 year contract, so we are forced to deal with this nonsense unless we want to pay to get out of it. It is a terribly unethical catch 22; a complete absense of integrity in this company.

  • Fo
      5th of Apr, 2011
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    Hi, An improperly installed satellite DISH From DISH atop my roof caused a gaping hole in my roof and it was discovered in FEB 2011 (8 years later) by a technician who discovered it, concealed it from me, photographed it and concealed that, and then left my home with the DISH hanging off my roof atop my bathroom window.
    For four days I spent five hours a day on the phone trying to get a supervisor to call me concerning the alleged damage on my roof and I warned them that the dish could further damage my property and fall off and hurt someone and that we were expecting extreme weather. NO ONE responded. I finally escalated it via a secretary to a VP, Mr. Kelly and she connected me with a claims manager. Well when my contractor went up to roof
    he confirmed the damage left by the contractor and the fact that the dish was never installed tar to protect roof. It rained in my home due to d ish hanging off roof..into two levels causing severe water damage.
    My contractor fixed roof hole and when he opened dry wall..there is was, MOLD. Years of accumulation and new
    wet damage. DISH from that day forward over one month failed to respond and put it in the hands of their
    insurer Gallagher Basset who ignored me. The contamination spread to my entire home and me and my dog are ina hotel. They've refused to respond, haven't paid me, and remediation is a 16-30 K ticket. They must be made accountable. Further I was billed for two months of not having a satellite or home!

  • Di
      3rd of May, 2011
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    I am so frustrated with Dish Network. Their customer service is horrible. When choosing whether to go with cable or Dish, Dish assured me that the fee would be a certain amount each month. I explained to them it was for my parents who are on a fixed income. After two months the bills would come in higher. Each month I would have to call and they would issue a credit that would last for 12 months. This went on for about 4 months. The last statement, as usual, the bill was higher. Each month I call I'm on for a least 1 hour, they are condesending and arrogant. The last "supervisor" I spoke with basically told me if I didn't like it tough and said that he would take the credits away!!! What is the matter with these people and why are they still in business? I told him that I was going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and he basically said "they have a copy of our contract and it doesn't guarentee any price and we were committed for 2 years!" The contract was signed by my 87 year old father on a small computer the installer gave him. If he had said he was going to read through the whole thing the installer would have been there a long while. It was bascially sign here, here and here. What a scam. HATE DishNetwork. Most horrible customer service ever!!! Avoid them at all costs!

  • Mi
      4th of May, 2011
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    Hi there Disappointed with DISHNetwork! I happened to read your post & I'm extremely sorry to hear about all these issues you have experienced with
    DISH Network! I'll introduce myself, my name is Michael Hurst & I work for DISH Network, in our
    Executive Resolutions Department & I would be more then happy to help you get this resolved. Since this is a public
    forum you can e-mail me if you'd like with any additional information & then you & I can work together and definitely make sure
    we get this all fixed for you! My email is [email protected] Take care & Hope to hear from you soon! –Michael

  • Gr
      11th of May, 2011
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    Dear Friends, I wrote to Michael Hurst about Dish Network, explaining the problems I was having...And asked why does their system shut down every day at 3 am to "download" stuff and that their guide also has to be downloaded every day or so to see what is on tv. AND with their can only find out what is on TV for about 2 days. I explained to him that with don't have to download is all automatic..not Interruption of your TV viewing...and that thier guide is for 7 to 10 days. Now if Directv can have a system like that...whay can't dish? Also I can use my VCR with directv to record programs...can't so that with Dish network. I guess they think I will pay extra money for a DVR? WRONG. Why pay for a DRV when my VCR works jsut as well AND it doesn't cost me money to use it. DIRECTV here I come asap. Dish Network...the ONLY thing you have going for you is the price!! Directv beats you in EVERY other catagory!!!

  • Mo
      28th of Jun, 2011
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    I cancelled my Dish Network 2/2011- when I called to cancel & they could not sell me additional programs they transferred me 3 times to try & convince me to keep them, which only made me more determined to cancel. A supervisor then told me they wouldn't cancel the service until my bill was paid in full. Since I was overpaid $178.27 fine, refund my money & cancel. She then became very snippy & said my service was cancelled- that took less than a minute to shut off. The refund check however did not come for 2 months. Then it was only $134. I called & was told they keep so if I chose to sign up again they have the deposit. Told him didn't want to ever sign up again, give me my money. End of May received $42 (still not the full amount of $178.42 due), by this time original check had expired (did not want to cash any checks until full amount received). Called again & hung up on 3 times. Advised original check no longer good, reissue and should be for $136.27-was on the phone for 45 minutes.
    One June 27 received a check for $42. Called & was hung up on when transferring to supervisor 3 times. Finally put me thru to Danette Hughs ( 720 514 8555 ext 70379.). She told me first $42 check was voided and a new on reissued (no idea why). The check for $136.27 was processed on June 15th and I should received in another week or 2 seems it takes 2-3 weeks after processing. She at least was friendly & the first person to give me her full name & direct number. Will see if I get the check now.

  • Gr
      30th of Jun, 2011
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    I have tried and tried to get dish network to send me 2 "standard" receivers inplace of the HD receiver I go. The only difference I see between HD and regular tv is with HD you get a smaller screen...I want to watch TV without having to get glasses or binoculars to watch it...Why Michael Hurst can't I get standard equipment and why am I forced to watch something I don't care for? I want regular everyday TV I don't care for HD!!

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