DirecTV / shut off before customer service opens

Peru, New YorkPeru, US

This morning, at 6am. My direct tv was suspended. I have auto pay and never look at a bill. It tells me to call the 1-800#, so I do they don't open till 8. Ok we shut you off and you have 2 hours before we will help you. Mean. Then I call she says your bank card expired, I thought it was through checking oops card worked fine for last 2 yrs didn't it. Ok no. Biggie get on checking account and go. Well your two months behind, ok, $400, how much do I pay per month 200. Ok I call UNCLE, seeing how I have had direct tv for 8yrs, many on direct pay, um um bye bye. I will be calling the BBB, and public service commission. Glad my contract expired years ago, jerks. Work with customers losers.

Nov 24, 2017

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