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I have been a directv customer since january 2010. I have paid my bill in time every month even when it was $300.00 and more. I eventually had combined billing with at&t. My bill was always between $275-$400 a month with combined billing. I would pay the invoice amount on time every august 2016 I called to try to get my bill lowered and I was told that yes they could lower my bill and give me new genie boxes with a $100 gift card. I received my new boxes and the gift card. I noticed my bill had not gone down in october 2016 and I called again. I was told that I had two open accounts. The person I spoke with in august opened a new account for me without telling me or getting my permission. I continued to pay my bill on time november 2016 I paid $700. I received a disconnection notice for non payment. I called and was on the phone for three hours trying to rectify the situation. On january 30, 2017 I received ten emails from directv stating that they were going to refund me different amounts totaling $507.00. I also received an invoice from directv stating the same thing. I am still waiting for my money. Every time I call (I have called four times) I am told that it will be five to ten business days from the time I called before it will be processed by the escalation unit. This is almost 60 days from the original email. Today I called and I was told I should receive my money on march 27, 2017 because even though I called on march 7, 2017 and was told 5-10 business days my issue was not processed by the escalation unit until march 9, 2017 and I must wait another 5-10 business days plus another 72 hours before I get my money. I continue to pay my bill in full on time monthly. I just want my money and I keep getting the run around from directv. I was told I needed to provide documentation to directv i. E. The emails and my bank statement. I refuse to send my bank statement to directv.

Mar 21, 2017
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      Mar 22, 2017

    The best thing to do with DirecTV is to cancel them immediately. Then, take the box and equipment and toss it in the trash. When they contact YOU, put them on hold for 3 hours, then transfer them to your dog, Or cat. Then hang up. When they call again demanding their equipment back, tell them that it's your home's policy to do so after a 45 day review period. (Why not?) When they call again, answer in another language and say in broken English that you don't know anything about DirecTV.

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