DirecTVidentity theft, someone used my name and address and I don't know who did it

Hi, my name is Charles Hall and someone has used my name and address for a Direct-TV account and I never had Direct-TV account before. I called the Creditor number the first time and the woman that answered said that someone from Morgan North Carolina or somewhere like that was using my name and address from North Carolina, which I have never lived in North Carolina.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Charleston, WVThe woman told be she would put this as a fraud account and would close it and I would receive no more correspondence. Well a week later, I have received another letter, so I called the Creditor again, and a woman answered and said that I should file a police report and file a Direct-TV Identify theft form, which I am doing now. The Direct-TV account number is [protected].

May 10, 2017

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