DirecTV / billing, customer service, price, lies, charges, fees, contracts. all of it!

Just off the phone with a real smartass directv customer service rep named john (Jon?). This guy just loved to drill me on why I want to close my account and would not shut up and just close it. Question after question of why I want to close it, trying to make me lower deals and offers after I told him multiple times that I do not want directv, period - that I don't care if it's free! That's how bad I hate them, hate them, hate them! I hate the corporate greed, I hate the way they train their reps on what to say and how to act (Brainwash them into becoming just as greedy), and I hate how they ever so slyly slip in extra programming and then charge you for it, when you did not ask for it.

Also, when i/we signed up for dtv, our "package" had to include centurylink as our isp. We were told that this "contract" was for two years. Two! But this rep today told me that since we upgraded one freakin box a year ago, that that automatically entered us into an additional 12 month contract on top of our original two year contract. This is such bs! I/we would have never signed or agreed to anything like that (We hated them before the upgrade, and could not wait to get our two years over with). So now he's saying that he's going to charge our cc $20/mo ($120 for an additional year). I told him he better not, or i'll do a chargeback and fight it tooth and nail!

I also told him that a couple months ago when we called to complain about an unknown charge on our bill, we were told by that rep that nov 18th 2017 would be our last day in the contract. We went right to our wall calendar and entered that, so that we'd know we could call our local cable company to come out for a new install. Now he tries to tell me that we have 12 more months? Somebody's lying!
He's asking me how many cell phones we have, who our cell carrier is, what kind of packages our local cable company offered us, how much we pay for our new service, etc etc (Noyb!) don't give them (Or any tv companies) any of this info! The reps get extra $ for collecting all this info, which goes into a database and then the companies sell that info to other smaller companies for big bucks, so they can get even richer! Like they're not rich enough, the poor [censor]!???

Anyway, this guy just wouldn't shut up and let me (The customer) talk, so I was forced to hang up on him. What ever happened to "the customer is always right?" definitely not the policy with directv. Arrggh! I am so fed up. I hate them, hate them, hate them!

Be sure not to ever switch to them, or you'll be sorry! And if you hate them too, help me spread the word! I'm going to tweet it, pin it, fb it, and instagram it!

I'm slowly but surely turning into a cord cutter. Are you?

Nov 14, 2017

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