DirectTVat&t internet was promised to me at 30.00 a month

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On or about May 2nd. Chris Olsen came to my home and offered DirectTV and AT&T for the internet service. Chris told me 59.00 for TV channels and $30 for the internet service. Which is about what I was paying with Cox Cable. Chris stated to me that I would receive 2 Visa Cards with 200.00$ on both of the cards. While he was at my home we called his the office on Chris's cell phone and they verified everything with me about the purchase and the actions that would take place.
The DirectTV was set up that same evening. Received a call from Atoma for me to call him at [protected] for internet service. When I called him he stated there was no internet service in our area. Never received my email from AT & T or DirecTV until I made 2 phone calls to get them to send it to me. I did receive ONE Visa card with 100.00$.
I have attempted several times to contact Chris Olsen by text and calling his number. Chris will not return my text messages or my phone calls.
When Chris set up my DirectTV service he should of known in that area I could not receive AT& T services.
I called Cox Cable to cancel my channels and they told me it is going to cost me 69.80 to just have the internet because I have the bundle deal for 80.00. This does me no good. I can't afford to pay for both.
Also, I called your company on 05-17-2018 and ask for an extension for payment until 05/30/2018 even though I was set up on automatic payment. Jim stated to me that he would extend the payment and your company withdrawal the money on 05-19-2018 from my account.
I am so extremely upset with all this. I feel like have been scammed. If your company does not make this right for me I will be letting my friends, family and social media know how I have been treated by your company.

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    DirectTV and AT &T

May 31, 2018
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  • Le
      Jun 01, 2018

    I was promised $20-25 month charge after my 2 years of prison with Direct tv. I actually fell for it! Now I'm locked into a 2yr sentence for equipment. I have spent hours on the phone since February thing too get whatwas promised ingress pic the $50- 55 I'm being charged.
    Can we start a class action lawsuit against them?

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