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Check out my complete conversaton with directtv via the bbb. I reported them to the bbb and ftc, but they don't help at all. Still, file with them to help a one day class action suit. Lawyers suck too! Here is a world class "dude you are so wrong you're busted" case and not one of them wants to touch it.

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Complaint description - posted 7/23/2009 9:42:55 am

Signed up for directtv in 3/08. Original account was #[protected]. Somewhere it was changed to #[protected]. Billing problems from the very beginning. Wrong receivers, the wrong programming, and their installer destroying house. 2 attempts to set up service. And when they did, 1st invoice had problems. Since 1st invoice took over 30 days to receive and find the problem, they wouldn’t allow me to cancel without an early cancellation fee of $400. Directtv gives 30 days to try out, but you receive invoice over 30 days later with problems it’s too late. You are stuck. After 1 year of problems I was fed up and canceled 3/09. Cancellation fee was now $200. Their rep jacob #238985 saved the account. He promised a fixed rate $51.38, via account credits and rebate. Stated no payments for 2 months due to the credits being issued. He remained on the phone until online rebate done to ensure everything was correct and would remain. He gave his rep# to refer to if, by chance, any problems occurred they could see his notes. Every month since then, more billing problems. Gave up and cancelled after receiving a 07/09 statement for $71.70. By the way 04/09:$67.39, 05/09:$190.28, 06/09:$41.68. The erratic rates continued even though we made payments of $41.38 during the months we were not suppose to have any charges. Now they have charged my visa $168.60 for canceling, and kept the payments for the 2 months that were suppose to be free. No rebates, no credits.

Complaint summary

Constantly lied to about credits to be received and corrected billing invoices. Unauthorized charges to visa, no credits applied to account.

Resolution sought

Something should be done to stop their & ldquo;bait and switch” tactics, and their constant lying to the customer. I asked every rep in the account cancellation departments to refer to the blurp at the beginning of the call that states, & ldquo;this call may be recorded for quality assurance. & rdquo; and challenge them to review the calls and see what I was promised by their reps and what I received every month. I was told that could not be done. I want the funds taken from my credit card replaced.
Additional information

Date problem first occurred: 4/1/2008
Product or service: very bad service. Reps/directv never follow through with promises
Model name or number: choice extra package
Date purchased: 3/9/2008
Order number:
Amount in dispute: $0.00

Company's response
Company's initial response - posted 08/05/2009
We regret to hear of any misunderstanding. Phone calls to directv are recorded at random for quality assurance purposes only. The calls in question are not available. We regret to hear of your technical difficulties and service experience with the local office we contract in your region. Directv makes every effort to train and dispatch qualified technicians that will both provide professional and courteous service, but also reflect a high standard in installation and technical ability. It is unfortunate that your experience did not exemplify these quality standards. The order associated with account [protected] only included two standard receivers. When you changed your order to include a dvr you were provided a new account number ([protected]). You received showtime unlimited® free for 12 months and the dvr free (Normally $99). You also qualified to receive $18 off for 12 months after submitting a rebate. Our customer service made a business decision to provide you with an additional $10 off for 12 months beginning on your april, 2008 statement. We have confirmed you received all of the offered credits. When your discounts ended, you contacted our customer service and disconnected your directv account. Since you ended your programming before the end of the 24-month agreement, you were charged an early cancellation fee. After disconnection, you were contacted by the representative you mentioned in your complaint. You were offered a one-time $100 credit and $21 off for 12 months to reactivate. You were required to submit a rebate for the $21 off and the $100 was issued instantly. The early cancellation fee was reversed. On july 3, 2009, you contacted our customer service to state you had submitted the rebate but the credits had not begun. Your information was forwarded to our back office to be corrected. Unfortunately, you disconnected your directv account before we had an opportunity to correct the rebate. You disconnected before completing your original 24-month programming offer. As a result, you have been charged a valid early cancellation fee. You have a credit card on file from a previous transaction. The directv customer agreement and back of the monthly statement advises our customers by providing a credit card they authorize us to apply this method of payment to satisfy any and all amounts due upon cancellation. Regrettably, we would be unable to refund the final payment. Thank you for the opportunity to address your directv concerns. Respectfully, directv office of the president
Initial response summary
Regrettably, we would be unable to refund the final payment.

Consumer's rebuttal
Consumer's rebuttal - posted 08/07/2009
This is where you are in error. The initial account was never set up for 2 receivers from you. It was set up for 1 dvr and a 2nd receiver that I own. Your cs dept changed the setup on their own. Your serviceman didn't have the correct equipment or plan. The free movie chanels were irrelavent because we never watched them, and when they ended we had to contact you to remove the charges you applied. We canceled at 1 year because of the constant problems we had with your billing and cs dept during the first year. We were constantly promised a service at a contract price but never given it, shown by credits you gave for services we never had, to get the price you quoted us. The rebates and credits your recovery dept gave us were also deceptive. We had to call every month to correct the invoice and a subsequent corrected one was mailed, only to have the next months' duplicated in error. I spoke every month to your reps, yet you say only in july I called. I spoke with one rep for 45mins only to have 2 brief comments applied for review. You admit an apology for your reps actions/bad service, but fail to correct them and want me to pay for it. Again I say review the recorded calls and credit

Company's final response
Company's final response - posted 08/13/2009
On behalf of directv, we want to thank you for taking the time to write in and share with us your thoughts. After further review of your billing, you received over $600 in programming discounts within a 12 month period. As a consumer, it is your responsibility to research our programming, equipment, and service agreement prior to acquiring our equipment and service. While the billing issues you have mentioned are unfortunate, this would not nullify your service agreement. You cancelled your account prior to fulfilling your 24 month service agreement; therefore, you were charged a valid early cancellation fee. Your final payment of $168.60 was processed on july 10, 2009. No credit or refund will be given. Please accept this as our final answer. Sincerely, directv office of the president

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  • Ms
      Dec 27, 2009

    I too had Direct tv for 5 months and cancelled service.. I was overcharged every month, I spent at least 3 days of every month on the phone only to have the same thing happen again the next month.In june direct tv said it did no get my payment I sent them copies of the money order and even faxed them copies only to have them say they did not get the copies and demanded payment or they would cancel my service. I refused to pay twice and cancelled service with direct tv.I called my credit card (because I knew they would charge me an early cancellation fee) I ask my credit card co not to accept charges from directtv and was assured they would place a note on my account.needless to say a week later there was a charge of $460.00 put on my account. I called my credit card and was told I could dispute the amount which I did. I wrote the BBB and the BBB wrote a letter to my credit card co and to direct tv
    the amount was removed from my account but my credit card told me that the charge may still be applied. I cancelled my credit card and told them I would continue to pay what I owed but would no pay for any charges from direct tv. bottom line don't give direct tv your credit card number or bank account number . if they have those numbers cancel the card and get a new bank account because it is a long drawn out fight with the bbb and there are no guarantees that you will win.

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  • Mr
      Nov 24, 2010

    I think Direct tv is a joke. I to had your service for over 10 years. i stopped the service after your customer service wouldn't try to help me with my billing issues. so then Direct tv went into my bank account forced payed on a credit card thats was not and should have not been on file, regardless of what your statements say. when i called to make the payment with that card the CS rep asked would i like this card to be keep on file I replied "NO AND I MEAN NO"..Direct tv has know charged me over $400.00 and $200.00 in overdraft fees. charged me $45.00 a receiver which i owned. and i wasn't under no contract. after canceling that credit card. Direct tv as a company "ha ha" scam. thought enough to dig deep into my account and find another card that had not been used but one time on the account and had been almost 2 years prior. after asking around we aren't the only people this is happening to 3 out of every 5 Direct tv customers have had this. i had not receive a billing statement in over 11 months. so as far as the back of the billing statement. stating that direct tv can and will use bank info. well lets just say never seen it CAUSE I NEVER GOT ONE. my account number i cant disclose due to bank and other reasons. i hope congress passes a bill to stop companies like Direct tv from causing customers and people a BIG PROBLEM.

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