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This is company really rips people off. I do not understand how so many people have been ripped off & directv gets away with that. I have been reading the complaints and it just amazes me. They want to charge me a trmanition fee, when I never was told that I had a contract. Before I cancelled I asked & they told me no. I cancelled & then received a bill for early termanation.
I called & again was told I had no contract. I had to wait 1 hour on the phone for a manager & was told because I had a dvr that put me in a contract of course they won't send me proof. I am fighting them to the end. I have made thousands of flyers about them & will start putting them up everywhere with this website.

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  • Ge
      Feb 21, 2008

    I signed up for DirecTV in January of 2007 because they were offering a special. I signed a 2 year contract with them. When I moved to Utah 6 months later in June, they added another 6 months on my contract with them! So now I am under a 2.5 year contract!! I would have never known this, but I called them because I had a question about my bill and thought I would ask for the exact date when my contract was up. When I questioned Chelsea, who was helping me, she hung up on me. What lovely customer service. I looked at my contract and did not see one word about moving and having my contract extended. I would NEVER have signed up with them. Even though I do love the extra channels, I would love to go back to cable.

    I also signed up for a special deal where I got the first year for $49.99. Then the price goes up to $59.99. So they totally are scamming me for even more money by extending my contract since the price has gone up due to my first year being over. I WOULD NEVER GET DIRECTV AGAIN. I would not recommend falling for their "offers" and the "too good to be true" offers. This is a lesson learned.

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  •   Jul 14, 2008

    I have been a Direct TV customer for one year, providing my 74-year-old father with Russian television since he cannot speak English and is alone at home practically all day. A few weeks ago, I moved, and called them on FRIDAY to tell them to activate service on MONDAY at my new apartment. And what do you think happens???? NOTHING!! So I call them on Tuesday to ask them what went wrong. And they say that my move has been "cancelled". OK... so anyway, when the technician finally comes, he says the southwest corner of my apartment building is apparently blocked, so the dish can't be installed. At this point, I'm just like "ok whatever, I'm through with Direct TV anyway!!! “ But the last straw was when the Direct TV costumer service tells me that I have to pay a cancellation fee of $112!!!

    And now I'm looking at all of these complaints about Direct TV, and just, OMG!!! How are they getting away with all of this? Seriously, some one has to stop these guys.

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  • La
      Oct 07, 2008

    you should have checked your contract. you also should have made sure you moved to a location that your dish would work. you or the satsllite co. do not own the property where you moved to, so the installation options are limited by the apartment complex.

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  • Ta
      Jul 10, 2009

    I HAD TERRIBLE EXPERIANCE WITH THEM TOO! I don't know what to do! Rep signed me up for a service that said was $ 50 and not a word about rebate! Then I get my bills and it says $ 75! All reps are rude and now they keep bullying me into going online and doing a rebate and waiting for 2 month got it WHEN I WAS NEVER TOLD ANYTHING ABOUT REBATE WHEN SERVICE WAS SOLD TO ME OVER THE PHONE!THEIR REPS AND THEIR BILLING MANAGEMENT IS BAD, REALLY BAD! THIS IS BILLING FRAUD!

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  • Ca
      Jul 15, 2009

    I too am having an awful time with directv. I have had srvc for 4mo now..still waiting for the rebate. Finally talked to a supervisor in June that "got it straight" and guaranteed my service would not be interupted until billing correction. I was turned off today and when I called them the rep Sabrina is the nastiest person ever, even told me could not transfer me to a rep (lies all lies) hung up on her called back got another rep transed me to a supervisor. they will not turn my service on until i pay thier "WRONG" bill again. I refused. I then find out i too am on this contract that I was not told about. I have nothing but hell with them for 4mo. I don't care what they do...THEY WILL NOT GET ANY MORE MONEY FROM ME EVVVVVER!!! What are we all to do when you can't get them to correct anything on thier part. I have done my part in making at least 3 phone calls a mo for 4 mo now and still nobody WANTS TO DO THIER FREAKIN JOB. So they way i see it...they don't want to do thier job..why should I have to do mine by giving them my hard earned money????

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