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Here's what I just wrote to them after getting off the phone. This sunday, my uncle is being honored at the red sox/braves game, for turning 100, a veteran of wwii, and a loyal red sox fan:

I am leaving directv... Finally!! Tonight was the last straw in attempting to deal with you and what you call, "customer service, but really stands for customer crap or customer [censored].
1. Rec'd msg re: free preview and to go to web to see details-oops! No frickin' details on your site!!
2. The preview is supposed to include "sports pak. " guess what?? It barely does. Because I live in fl, I can't purchase nesn for sunday's red sox where my uncle will be saluted & throw 1st pitch as he is 100 yrs old & a veteran!!!
3. Could I buy mlb just for sunday, even just one channel of mlb. Hell no!!! We wouldn't wring enough cash out-of-you if we let you do that!!!
4. "you're one of our best customers. " [censored]! Why is it any time I call with a problem, there is always a reason why you can't do a frickin' thing to help me?? Never a helpful "yes" on the other side.
5. Apparently, dish-tv is cheaper than you stingy, uncooperative megalomaniacs.
That's were i'm going.

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  • Jo
      Jun 19, 2009

    Contact the local news stations in that area, see who covered the game. They usually record the opening pitch for a sound byte.

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  • Mo
      Jun 20, 2009

    Dude take a deep breath. It's honestly not Directv's fault that you would not be able to get NESN (New England Sports Net), if you are looking to blame anyone blame NESN. In accordance with blackout rules, customers who subscribe to SPORTS PACK will not receive sports programming outside their market on these channels. These are rules that all cable and satellite companies have with the various sports leagues and the stations that provide them that say if a customer is in a certain area we will not provide game coverage, these rules are enforced by the FCC. Forgive Directv for not wanting to anger a federal entity that governs what it can do, the last time a company did this was dish network, they used to be able to provide what are called distant network services to customers with who they could not provide locals. The FCC caught them skirting the rules and regulations (in some places flat out breaking them) and took away their rights to broadcast the DSNs. Besides if you had actually taken the time to search he Directv website (and I know it is unorganized and could be better) you may have found this page which tells you what channels certain games will be on...incidentally so you don't have to go to that page you can find the redsox game on channel 257 (tbs) starting at 1:30...

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  • Mo
      Jun 20, 2009

    a quick correction tha is 247 not 257

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