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November 8 2016 I asked for new packet service two years at $50 per month. I live in my parents home they had direct tv. I told the sales person to cut off my parents account and put me as a new customer for direct. I added 5 TVs and equipment at $50 per month. I called several times asking why the bill was so high and why I was paying more than $50. I was told I had the account since 2012? I told them that was my parents account and I started mine Nov 8 2016. Complaint my parents are not on my account. My father is an authorized person on my account. My new package was to be two years $50. Either resolve or cancel contract no fees as a new customer. It looks like someone upgraded my parents account and put me on the account making it look like i had the account since 2012. I called in for new services November 8 2016

Jan 12, 2017

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