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selfish and greedy

Sinclair Broadcast Group is selfish and greedy, because they don't wanna add Charge!, Stadium and TBD to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin DTV market!!! They don't wanna add Comet, Charge, Stadium and TBD to the Tampa/St Petersburg Florida, Orlando, Florida, Knoxville, Tennessee DTV markets!!! That causes DTV America to lose viewers all around the world when Sinclair Broadcast Group does not add those channels on the market for DTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Tampa/St Petersburg, Orlando Florida and Knoxville, Tennessee!!! Those DTV channels are needed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and other cities too!!! People cannot afford cable and People cannot stream those DTV channels, because Wi-Fi is hard to get in and you need a password to get in!!! DTV channels like Grit and Get TV is boring, because Grit shows western shows and western movies all day and Get TV freezes up too much when you watch your favorite shows. I prefer Charge! over Grit, Antenna TV and MeTV over Get TV. Please put Charge, Stadium and TBD on the DTV market for Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the other cities!!!

Sinclair Broadcast Groupmilwaukee, wisconsin is supposed to get charge, stadium and tbd on dtv

Sinclair Broadcast Group won't add Charge, Stadium and TBD to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin DTV market!!! Sinclair Broadcat Group is avoiding and ignoring Milwaukee, Wisconsin from getting Charge, Stadium and TBD.In January, 2018 The FCC Spectrum auction pulled and changed WCGV call sign to WVTV DT-2 and It took of Channel 18.2 and Channel 24.3 off the air!!! That is causing Milwaukee to lose bits and bandwidth on DTV and It's making making Milwaukee look bad without those DTV channels!!! If Milwaukee, Wisconsin gets Comet, Milwaukee is supposed to get Charge, Stadium and TBD on DTV!!! Comet be showing commercial about Charge TV network.I contacted Sinclair Broadcast Group via e-mail and They never contacted me back. That's why I'm getting Charge, Stadium and TBD from my internet to my TV set.If my family lives in Saginaw, Michigan, Troutman and Salisbury, North Carolina and Pensacola, Florida and they get Comet, Charge, Stadium and TBD on their DTV channels, I'm gonna get those channels too on my regular DTV/Analog TV!!! Sinclair Broadcast Group won't be laughing!!!